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This New Missile Technology Will Make The U.S Navy The Deadliest On The High Seas

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Military Assistant Secretary ask order says the navy is developing a missile that condition roid enemy ships more than two hundred miles away the standard missile Sixers now used a ballistic missiles offense boldly turned into an office of weapons with a top speed of mock three point five Des some sexual make maybe cruisers an destroyer more lethal today Navy ships rely on the harpoon anti ship missile first introduced in the nineteen seventies with a range of only seventy miles Carter once more leaked outing this forces in years ahead even is we fight today's fights we must also be prepared for the fights that might come down the road this comes after China's at it over three thousand acres of artificial Islands in the South China see and the Russian sweetest deployed more ships and some rains in any time since the Cold War the navy snappy only service looking at more firepower the Pentagon was here force the stuff hundreds of missiles into which aging bomber fleet these arsenal plane so make-up fresh shortage a fighter jets me Air Force Carter saysay arsenal play malfunction as a very large airborne magazine from military matters the Pentagon Lucas Thomas and Fox News. That he's seems like if you guys have been lasting on TV this needs taking the Dow down a number ten is graves anatomy at Number nine the people purses Jason said you know just in case Jenifer something a little wind at number eight is standup better costs, that ended numbers that men have to see this at the