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Listen: "They could be an interesting match-up problem for the Jayhawks, I think Maryland has the talent to play with Kansas in this game"

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Streeter Lecka
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The number one's of all advance which no which team number one seed is the isn't a little danger well that's a great question I think that there is a couple better susceptible because you look at the match up I think they can decision for some trouble with Maryland I think that that Maryland roster on paper it is counted as any team in the country did just really never figured out and if you watched their game against Hawaii on Sunday he saw that they had a stretch in the second half with a looked very very good and Noah Trimble and she do among came together and they had it you know time in some going a little bit and Jake linemates players and I think if you know Maryland moves Jake Lamb into the fortnight maybe spaces the court that takes Perry also late in the basket they could be an interesting matchup problem for the Jayhawks seven Maryland has the talent to click here in which is the anthem which team shows up to them Scott gritty stuff early appreciate you times I thank you so much and who thanks for amount alright Scott Phillips NBC Sports I come giving us is taken what we saw on the first four days of the end to Double a turnaround like I said You got everything halfcourt Buzzer Beater for Northern Ohio against Texas come back two days later and a blow a twelve point lead with thirty-four seconds left as Texas a M forces over time and then wins in double overtime you have the major upsets is MTS you beat Michigan State a number to see so you've got the fifteen over the two you've got the twelve Silver the fives salt West Virginia lives Kentucky is no longer in this thing what was the best moments so far and wished tournaments for you and where do you see this going now with the number one still intact isn't going to be one of those final four years where you just go well all the top seed's advancing he still think there's more surprise next sports radio.