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Listen: "Toronto Raptors advance to the franchise's first ever NBA Eastern Conference Finals"

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Mike Ehrmann
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To be disciplined by Major League Baseball in fact his suspension could be handed down as early as today but Toronto Raptors advance to the franchise's first ever NBA Eastern Conference Finals after they snuffed out the Miami Heat won sixteen eighty-nine yesterday seventh and decisive game of that second round series Yori Latera as goal midway through the second period would power the Saint Louis Blues to a two one win over the San Jose Sharks in Game one of the NHL's Western Conference Finals Jason Day withstood league charges from both Justin Thomas and Kevin Chappell to win the PGA Tour's Players Championship yesterday at the TPC saw grass in Florida it's the third win of the year for day who remains the number one run to offer currently in the world after taking update desk I'm Tony Ortiz for more go to ninety-seven won the ticket dot com on the one line drive in a diving not doing the unknown to throws the ball go he even got via between enough do any of the way he wins the day the run right there with that tigers when a six five we should probably point this out on highway starting as series with the Twins tonight seven tended.