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Listen: an be in the quarterbacks you know you got you got 18 the care and yet they

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Hannah Foslien
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They can sell the quarterback two years and they feel like the franchises a failure and I have a little fun with them on field time just a goal to the list will do some of the guys who might be gone in the playoffs and an be in the quarterbacks you know you got you got 18 the care and yet they and then we who knows maybe he start to use the trade one else and he goes all the kiss cam gone themore anchored cousins on on all these has the way they're not franchise quarterback know how is the team doing this all of its Ryan said the word and it's the same and the tomato now quarterbacks have great years and they really good teams around I gotta tell you fill if I'm on an NFL team no The first thing on taking care of my off that's a blind you know I look at Green Bay and look at what's happening Aaron Rodgers you know consider all you want about not having Jordy Nelson you you know if you're a GM of the team is that the first area that you're gonna build the make short solid they often supply absolutely its number one in the in the tea often supplies average you you might make it to the playoffs into not gonna when an is it sticking to your franchise and if it does create so many things you just said it helps a quarterback and helps receiver so it puts you in a good situation to contend Bart all keep their defense off the field a changes the way you coaches the way you design plays watch I mean it is even less All we know you know it seems like about half the games I do every coaches go well were gonna have to help out be often sublime directed chipped in with put formation and put you know six often sublime and in that list is goes down I go yeah okay I this gonna keep this listen put in every game and every time I thought the somebody because that's what it is and I know it's hard to find a because nobody wants the being often sublime in an the you know so many unbelievable athletes on the defensive fronts now it's it's making the top and of course the body of defenses they see is making it tough on all offensive lines but that's the number one thing they have that line and not only have a make sure you have depth in my first hire as a coach The Dolphins align go right but I think gotta come up with the schemes be a great teacher and always have guys ready the goal in their am dead serious and I think this second will be a really good strength coach it's it seems like that's kind of out of Ball Guinea NFL training the be a football player because now they train and biggest trade on one-way Grant Swisher they don't get hurt yeah low so the coaches or handcuffed and get the players journey all season he can cultural practices a limited oh you know what we Discover the Cards rules and is making college football you know he played to defenses and thereby runs the same often two late-season when I mean that's good that you know that's what you do when you're him into the hand cupping Only I think it's wrong and I think the players know this and I wish they would change some of the rules the reason why I ask you that you you've been on both sides of the equation as a player yourself a merely a career year often supply which terrible and then when you guys were good you had arguably the best offensive won a football you mention straight coach I knew Johnny Parker very well and I do some of these you know he would he was phenomenal I just thought he was such a big part of whatever was chemistry camaraderie oh we talk about be off the workout programs and all the guys together and it does make a difference does and it builds chemistry it builds we always you can really get yourself football strong You have to have six in a minimum of six three weeks every systems training in doing all this stuff will never forget adjusted Johnny Parker story fresher out their leaders are spring culture many years Bill Parcells body men in nineteen eighty four in a truly turned are franchise around now together coaches at Lawrence Taylor we know all that but we had a huge majority of players 21 straight weeks Durney all season.