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Panthers Coach Ron Rivera On Cam Newton: 'He Doesn't Get The Calls That He Deserves' 

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Grant Halverson
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There's a lot of that out there but his head coach reiterated a lot of the same things today right in a press conference he said that he personally has reached out to lead via free shell totally concerning our quarterback and you know they responded i think they've responded appropriately of in they've done the things are trying to do the things that that they need to well rivera continued is saying that he gets the shaquille o'neal treatment i think it's over the shaquille o'neal true of the bigger guy for that position as opposed to some the smaller quarterbacks of stature when they get hit you know they roll around him to the ground and you know he gets cities give forms of and it doesn't look is back and i think sometimes up might be part of reason doesn't get because that he deserves or he should get i thought this is very interesting the mike florio of in dc was on sunday night football last night a media we after cam a those comments and said that one of his league sources claim that there are a number of other quarterbacks an illegal gun fewer roughing the passer calls then cam in situations are they should have gotten him and made it seem like there's not a problem with officiating cam and i felt like to be a little suspicious that the league keeps data on situations where you should and should get roughing the passer calls and they immediately had or a bottle to what cam newton said in the immediately went through mike florio i thought that was a little weird and normally i am a numbers guy normally i'm somebody that can pay attention flags he's gotten say okay well in in ice if you look at cam's roughing the passer calls over time it doesn't make any sense you can look at years were yes five calls and gets almost as many as the nfl leader and then you can see you're like twenty fifteen where you get zero roughing the passer calls and in reality it's just sometimes it's look of the draw there is that situation it and hockey early last year were hockey league allegedly told cam you're not old enough to get that call even though hockey lee immediately denied afterward so we're waiting into really subjective territory i reject the nfl's ability to just immediately quantify to make it numerical.