Listen: "We're right smack dab in the middle of the legal tampering period for the National Football League"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Coming up with even ending injured reserve Andy they didn't a four million it kind all but guaranteed that you're going to get the ref or to hear it just so happened that plated first-team All-Pro level the past couple seasons so right now look like it's still deal but but he right if he ends up getting hurt again at some point fended going to swing back the other way tonight so right smack Devan the middle of the legal tampering period for the National Football League contracts can be sign beginning at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon when the new league Year begins where do the Patriots go considering they have two or three guys in need to re sign and that involves some cap situation seve obviously Matt Forte's the name that everyone seems to be bringing up is not a legitimate possibility for the Patriots I think it is John yet but it all going to depend on what Forte one thing more than what the market dictates for him if he ends up getting a contract similar to the one that somebody like that Frank Gore got last year beginning to look for million dollar the year over three years that might be a little too Rich for the Patriots weather you know maybe he wanted pick was stunned that can play first all Content thereafter Bennett is career in Chicago I don't know but I think you know the sort of eight get the start a classic Patriots spit and someway where it is the guy coming toward the end of his career thirty years old you probably want the win you know just how much he wants to win and how much he's he's willing to sacrifice in terms of dollars some may determine how interested the Patriots actually our because we know that as far as the running back position concern for this team at least in recent years it's been pretty much bargain-basement type guys with Jonas Gray Futures contract guys I'm a guy that they drafted in Shane Greene and even Ridley did you know that the court they'd be paid Corey Dillon and the Pats you know they spent first-round pick on me go on the road in the past but I think those days there are pretty much over so that what they want to be tape near the top of the market or you know anywhere near where somebody like that mark might get I think that's going to be a no goal for the Patriots I think we're probably going to see the Patriots to kind of fit play for the first few days when they do that you know they'd been aggressive in creating being the credit where.