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Listen: Show the Broncos gonna focused more on getting more pressure on Brady

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Kevin C. Cox
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Talking Indian Lendl Indies these sideline reporter for Broncos radio Andy I heard a stat without Edelman in the lineup Tom Brady release about two point five five seconds with him in the lineup at about two point one show the Broncos gonna focused more on getting more pressure on Brady or dropping back and getting better coverage on the receiver is on the ground i think what they need to do in this is something that they were excellent if first started the year isn't that number one ranking what they need to do is go and get tackles so when Edelman if Edelman catches the ball I think you can limit the short Edelman reception as long as you tackle him and it came down to everybody it's trouble Antonio Brown said the did this dilemma Pittsburgh when they met in Pittsburgh you can't miss a tackle you can't wait what is a to retrieve your game become a tenure gamer pitching art game but tip doing that he says he can't give up that mall and they get a little bit frustrated at that happened the couple times that's something that we would have done the Denver in the past in the regular season is that they'll take a third in line at third and 11 throw a little screen pass to think so sure they got a hand up and then they find a way to support their way necessary Archer the first that's what I think what does against a lot of teams but remember I would remind the nation this is in Denver If this game was an knowing what I would worry about a lot of things more that were talking about the fact that this is in Denver it's a different Patriots came when that the five Wes any teenage crew could just two years of last AFC Championship so will simply that it's gonna be a lot of fun bench it's gonna be a tight game and you mentioned it's Denver so I have asked the what's the weather forecast you know like that's that's that's the second most popular question it's goals Jimmy fifty degrees there's a possibility is some whether coming in and evening you never know when Denver could pull a little bit early if we get some wins like we had last week and believe me some of those drops I think you could have tested the window a little bit because the winners of the football that matter that Big Ben maybe it's the first big play the game on the Steelers first play the game if the windows and ripping across the stadium East a West for the Brock aside like that up with the ball back and said it was that a wide open beat receiver if those wins stairway which they're supposed to right now expect it game call they would you like Spring in some places so that should not be that CBS sports radio.