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Which Team Benefits Most From The Clippers' Injuries?

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which team benefits the most, from the Clippers having these two injuries, well mistakes, yup, that's all I mean I play but I'm disappointed with a sprained my knee talking about the Clippers, I am, I think, look you know twenty-four hours ago belittled more than twenty-four hours ago, everybody's but wow you know suddenly, you've got to step, or at least, if not most of the next period but again how wanted goes, and the like, well I don't have to do well that's a good clip first K.B.O. which Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to be Auburn Jordan J.J. Redick and they can win some games if they get up three one, even if Chris Paul coming so even if absurd even if, that Curry comes back it if they're up three one which when the theory that can happen, and then within the span, he will you know one game Chris holdout Blake Griffin's out ads, it looks like that and could be a seventy eighth, but what Larry well may advance, Golden State, with outs Steph Curry and, what went can beat what's left of yeah, clippers it what what ever happened in that series, when they would like to be able to advance and wait not rush Steph Curry back and suddenly You know they can get him help because they are going to get him healthy, it's been a gaudy has no push or that's what they need him, that's exactly my point I think Golden State benefits the most because Karri doesn't have to play in this next round he does not very back because like you mentioned, the couldn't beat Portland and they can beat the banged up Clippers without him, yeah exactly