Listen: "No white dresses for the Golden State Warriors, they blow a seventeen point lead"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Which player no white dresses for the Golden State Warriors they blow a seventeen point only either and lose to the two walls in overtime won twenty-four one seventeen and there are quest to break the NBA single-season when record takes a big hit they dropped the sixty-nine in nine of head coach Steve Kerr thinks the game not away a lot earlier that's all my thought we lost the game in the last six minutes of the first quarter if that makes any sense we we came out and played phenomenal for six minutes locked in on both ends and then we decided to turn it into show and we started turning the ball over like crazy Warriors committed twenty-three turnovers they have now lost two of their last four three in home elsewhere Clippers over The Lakers one oh three eighty wanted Spurs eighty-eight Jazz eighty-six the Spurs will visit The Warriors on Thursday Grizzlies beat the Bulls one away ninety-two Thunder over the Nuggets won twenty-four one oh two Russell Westbrook the tripple double was the Blazers one fifteen Kings any seven cabs over the Bucks won a night eighty Hawks one oh three side is mighty heat one oh seven Pistons hitting the Sixers over the Pelicans one oh seven ninety-three Raptors ninety-six Hornets ninety ESPN reported the mix are giving strong consideration for making interim coach Kurt Rambis Para full-time head.