The Story Of The Man Who Hustled Hitler

Walter Shapiro, author of "Hustling Hitler: The Jewish Vaudevillian Who Fooled the Führer", tells the story of how his great-uncle Freeman Bernstein managed to cheat Adolf Hitler and the Nazi government.

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how did he windup swirling hitler, well he he had washed up a lot of the what really semi broad was Ryan Irish festival in in Boston under the name of write your or Ryan which would have great success ago Mr. or Ryan disappear with the gate receipts, and the police and the Boston papers track down with the ball Boston Herald called Mr. over Ryan stain so he relocated to Asia where about thirty-four thirty-five he hurt the Nazis were really hungry for Canadian Nichol which unique to lined the inside of guns particularly few intend to earn vape, Poland Pratt so he thought that he would offer to supply them with fake nickel well he'd and he got he knew corrupt battles Baylor in Toronto, and the two then concoction a deal that they would sneak the metal out of Canada, saved everyone in this crap medal but two but I'm driving people to Staples really nickel get paid for Nichol, and deliver as they did to Humber, rested rare road tracks and old, up, break for his part it was mired Browner is so hadn't the Nazis, did they have no problem dealing with two Jewish basis ran well because they wanted this nickel well first of all, there was in there are very many middleman for a cousin of France comfortable Otto cough got a fronts cut off his first cousin, I mean i the throw probably only person take your The and why you Library, I'm a valuable book call cough his relative it's what I did but the truth was there, the deal was worth they worked out to him and am a somewhat desperate Millman, man in New York and even made an because the middleman was in New York,