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Listen: "Should Bernie Sanders Go Independent"

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Brett Carlsen
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Because were supposed to be a democracy other listening to the people would be get all a way of doing that giving the people some some say not necessarily doing whatever the people he but at least getting their opinion at least you know evaluating that into for example there is a lot of the big going on right now as to whether burning should it should they're getting big mature in various states to be able to be on boast eight general action ballot as an independent lions INT that as well as a whole lines website Yeah not a is scene putting putting that on polis website would be implicitly suggesting that that's a possibility and an burning an Atlanta can't help me Utley rule that out they're not going taste endgame has kind of Democrat I that's last during the Democratic Party that Democratic Party Spearing him and decide you can run the hybrid candidate in other words he can run ball Democratic and independent and when reason to drop the Democratic Party in order to be an dependent on some state only a couple scoreline as many badly disenfranchised and you know wouldn't be nice to figure North Carolina League camp a very tender done it independent if they want it yeah when you remember Donald and I and I I I actually believes that in a way I'm kind of channeling Bernie on this although I like I could be wrong but I believe that this is what Bernie himself would tell you is that it's it's it's not Bernie it's not it's not about there's this one savior in the United States you know this this one seventy-four year old Jewish guy from Vermont you know was born in Brooklyn and and you know gets an all right it and and without him all as last that's not what's going on it's going on is that there is a Movement and right at the moment He is the most you know articulate spokesman for that moment and and and the end and the most visible spokesman for that moment but there's a moment and I movement is going to both transcend and outlast both Bernie Sanders is Canada seat and frankly I think Bernie Sanders is lifetime when there's a moment that that you've got people in there chains and twenties getting all excited and this is going to shake their political outlook for the next sixty years and so I think we're looking at a major transformation American politics and it's not all about Bernie it's all about the issues to Bernie has raised and and that's where we need to be putting our focus is on building movement not a mom not just in election and you know as much as I support running the present night this is much Bigger Donald thank you for the call that will be back in fifteen your listening to Tom Hartman visit dot com for audio and video argument factor here Collison last fifteen minutes of our show right after that.