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Ronald McDonald To Lay Low Until Creepy Clown Scare Blows Over

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Mike Fuentes
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I would not want to be at the back of that but then if it's like a close circulate shouldn't thing going on and of course you got and ups the same tying is so global about exel just we're wired to make my mind go there let's move on i do have another story end it's about the creepy gonzo you know the been hearing a lot about the creepy clowns but make dalton's decided to pull away for a while because people are becoming berry's you heard about these creepy jones so it's going into heidi for a little while and if the decision because people just honesty crowns right now i think that's bad it's bad i love mcdonald house it was one of those you don't doesn't scary you know he doesn't tear applied you eat is that simple colors mustered in catch up that but you noted the red and yellow and you grew up watching him and now he has to go in hiding because of all these haters about these creepy clown and could you imagine october thirty first the plans of done some by limping aaron righty recently you know what i mean that's why they're on the map and it yeah terrifying and so this is really don't agree dungy then did said they wanna mcgowan here the packers bad things also little hiding okay i'm gonna at mitch this i can't believe amendment in this when i was a little kid i was hoping that my parents would take me did go see ronald mcdonald because remember sometimes he would make special apparent is that certain mcdonald's yeah occasions and i remember when they would soon i always i don't know why didn't tell my parents can he take me i guess they thought i thought they could read my mind and i'm just not winning it because i get to work what do these days and i'm always groove one who make home but now i'm so over that i don't want to meet running their donald are you sure would you be like the mounted coming out of a guy like i've been wrong only donna because i've seen ones that look like nor the try to do as a player on amid jong i think one in the car and i thought that's not wrong mcdonald.