Documentary Filmmaker Amy Ziering On The Stanford Rape Case: We're Witnessing 'A Watershed Pivotal Moment'

Amy Ziering is a two-time Emmy Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker. Her most recent film, "The Hunting Ground," is a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses.

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what’s happened and what we’re witnessing is really a watershed pivotal moment, because what happened in that courtroom was the victim of these egregious crimes read this incredible letter that she had written to explain to the judge what she had not only gone through during the assault, but in its brutal aftermath and having to cope with that kind of trauma. And, you know, Michele Dauber, who’s a Stanford law professor, was in the courtroom at the time and heard the letter and texted to me and said, You have to read this. And I read it, and I texted her back and said, "Oh, my god." And she said, Let’s get this out. And so, you know, I called a BuzzFeed reporter who I respect a lot, Katie Baker, who’s reported on this issue in a really great way, and said, "You have to read this. Can you read this right away?" And she did. And she got it to the editors, and they put it up online. And it’s exploded in this viral way, which is, I think—you know, I think we all should stop and go, oh, this is a wonderful moment for the movement, because all of Absolutely all of America now is you know, I think it’s now 13 million people have read the letter, and there’s just been this outpouring of support for survivors and outrage about, you know, the way these crimes are treated with ubiquity in this country, and especially on college campuses, which is to not to ignore them and not do anything to prosecute the people perpetrating them.