Listen: Took it as you would think they'd somebody like Adam Jones would do

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Maddie Meyer
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Took it as you would think they'd somebody like Adam Jones would do he went on Instagram and started ranging whisper offended if you know it's here's inaudible thing we mentioned it you know discussion about David Bowie what a private guy he was an never felt be urge should bring everybody else Ian on his personal life I mean he was very public when he was on stage doing is thing but his personal life lose a different thing an I think a lot of the most successful performer use work it that way it's a different world now because of it and Instagram and Twitter and all these things where you can post any video you want to any time so there's a difference instability about it but there's a price the paper that is well image who wanna stuff and should frankly go on inn private and is somebody store you temper tantrum because he had called fur personal follow the losses team the game and he doesn't think it was faring wasif throwers helmet around and yell and scream Nola that fine let intuitive locker room away from the rest of us so we'd have to see it grown man acting like a two year old show now okay fine so he decides not to do it that way and put it up on the Internet foodie entire world see an very shortly after that tookI back down why well that's interesting story he took it down because should I guess first of all he's of he opinion is so many people seem to be fit you could delete things from the internet here's a little tape for you next time you're tempted to do something like that you can't delete things really internet it doesn't work that way show he took a down office feed because somebody and I think it was Deone Sanders pointed out the him you're a free agent which means that you're gonna be out there over the corset he off season trying to get a new job or trying to Gardner enough interest some other teams did you could improve you're situation in Cincinnati maybe you shouldn't do things like that that's when grab Jones took the city VA Instagram back down off of his account but of course by that I was far too late an idiot Bidden posted in posted and posted three post and all this by everybody in the world so it's his own chickens coming home the Ruest i'm Anne he's gonna have to deal with whatever comes in that but you know what I think fit in the National Football League they've got to be on the caring about those things I I don't think it's gonna give a job anywhere but I don't know but it's gonna keep in from one either I mean how many people do we see any NFL the we've seen go through those kinds a rants I mean they get through the Seahawks couple years ago when he did it Indiana she championship gay right afterward everybody's ago all that was crazy he's a fun again an did what happened oh we got a big new contract and he's making a zillion dollars a year in life is good Richard Sherman he still with the same team but hey you know they they can't be a bad thing either so you know Adam just is a gonna really stopping from getting a gig somewhere now I doubt it but I think you know again it does underscore why yeah some times you shouldn't do that because it doesn't speak well a view a dozen come off well everybody courts off everybody pops off every so often But thee V idea I think.