Listen: "It's not a good look for the NBA, and I think they need to reevaluate what intentional foul is"

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Scott Halleran
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Clearly show from Yahoo sports in Yahoo Sports Radio well suddenly ain't their again one seven I believe in the players intentionally fouled this season and it really came to a head when Popovich intentionally doubtful Clint Capela argues then as the inbounder and other team took sets quick notice it didn't end in a game to adapt hours later this is an issue that having after four it's become much more of an issue quickly he thought it was a big one in the offseason suddenly it's the total that is that it is it's not a good look and I think eighty-two we evaluate what intentional follows and give the officials more to encourage tend to be more aggressive call intentional false that's the only way to get the played out sometimes on Itunes for the Yahoo Fantasy free show million daily appointment with it's not Caster Rehab dot com slash fantasy you want to increase your brainpower be smarter improve your memory and focus well there is a new bring supplement called mental bright made with the greedy instead naturally enhance your mental abilities mental bright is so confident in their formula that if you try it ended doesn't work though right you a check for ten percent more than you pay for it that's a hundred and ten percent money back I guarantee mental right ingredients are scientifically proven to work go to mental bright dot com to start improving your brain abilities today to Brian your mind go to mental bright dot com there are a lot of different sides to the cheaper and family for example being the most luxurious SUV in its class you could say that cheaper and Cherokee as a sophisticated side while the cheaper anger has the distinction of being the only Open era for by four SUV on the market not to mention being named the best for my for vehicle of that decade like for Wheeler Magazine and the cheap Cherokee brings efficiency my offering thirty-one and PG highway but the one thing they all have in common available best in Class four by four capabilities which means when this family gets together they can go pretty much anywhere the G grand Cherokee regular and Cherokee all part of the SUV family that is received more awards over its lifetime than any other competitive SUV lineup based on Gran Cherokee some words judgment tation based on two thousand one at two thousand ten model years EPA estimate of two point four leader for will drive cheap is a registered trademark of STA us LLC Minnesota from Yahoo Sports he Yahoo Sports Radio this great thirteen of the rest without him what is part upside is concerned I really think any Blake Griffin on this team if they are going to make a run in in the postseason I know that they continue to disappoint them there on I think they ultimately NE Blake Griffin to be honest basketball team.