Hugh Hewitt On Illegal Immigration

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Mike Gallagher
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More details of the soars a town hall dot com, invisible, a their this is there to Texas to completely I'm telling you that Liberty University's unwind degree programs Liberty University's world's largest University with over ninety-five thousand students studying around the world, through liberties on the line programs, while there a lot of University to jump into online education you can deliver on the promise of a quality education with such flexibility and even fewer can actually point two graduate of their I'm lying program like my friend Morgan from Nashville I did speak actually got my degree from Liberty University Tim degrees actually not only have this process taught me self disciplined, also learned that it is never too late to fulfill your drained a hand I did it all wom why I did it and you can to call Liberty University now played eight hundred four two four nine five nine five that's eight hundred four two four nine five nine five eight hundred four two four nine five nine five four visit Liberty dot use slash on La, flexible affordable possible Liberty University, news, from twelve sixty, the answer, partly cloudy seventy-two degrees at six and three good morning I'm Scott Brady McKenry County Police are gonna find a deadly shooting victim into people arrested on charges at home and burdens will face a twenty-two year old site you have signed lived in the home once in the spring of road worry was killed on Tuesday night. After a search warrant was attain twenty year old Jason Pierre Yost who also live at the home, a nineteen year old Tim on Davis who lives on Cherry Hill road were rested on draw charges but neither was charged with a murderer of a sign, an investigation continues a man suspected of breaking into a northeast easy home and sexually assaulting a woman is under around, Gijon Turner's charged with burglary sexual abuse aggravated assault and kid napping, investigator say Turner entered a home on Channing Street early yesterday morning they're not physically assaulted the woman, the Federal Transit administration is heaping more criticism on Metro yesterday the Agency said natural employees have universal misunderstandings on how to store in secure trains and Rel yards, the F.E.M.A. added that Metro supervisors frequently urge employees not to use hand breaks another needed safe guards to prevent accidents involving both workers and riders, a group of war three residents assuming the District of a plans to build a home a shelter on the side of a Police station, neighbors for responsive government say the city did not give them a proper opportunity to make recommendations concerning the proposed fundamental change as required the proposed shelter in Idaho Avenue Northwest is one of seven set to welcome the homeless once a shelter at the former D.C. General Hospital site is closed, now, on the road to sixty-six eastbound accident walking to two left lane said twenty-eight in center to watch for delays there were two left wing Watkins jammed the Prince one power play. In a live to the belt way at Central Avenue there's an accident there it's on the ran for me a routine stung Central avenues actually an earlier accident full cleaning up traffic its wide with watchable a's Karns town road shut down in both directions between Key West Avenue entered the road because of an accident Montgomery County, it's local news every thirty minutes all day long time Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now, you're exclusive given the forecast and I am twelve sixteen, the answer with a partly sunny hobbling tourney more year with a high temperature ninety-one degrees, tonight some clouding his warm and humid with a shower Thunder Sano spots Los seventy-six, our partly sunny ha unit with a shower thunderstorms spots in the afternoon high near the record of ninety seven seven nineteen forty-eight, Saturday mostly sunny and hot not quite as you mid to high ninety three, with dry for the forecast I'm it all just, us, this is Albert mobile overtime Hall dot com, the recently completed the Big Games in Rio raised the question of whether Transgender athletes will be permitted to compete in their Designated gender category in future games, nine and nine yeah the famous long distance female swimmer addressed the issue for national public radio she points during a Richards the most famous of the Transgender pioneers when it comes to Sport night and said quote Rene played world-class tennis as Richard Ross skin and then successfully sued to play in nineteen seventy seventy US Open women's draw and Friend a but there was protest. This reveals the central the proper see at the very heart of The sexual engender revolution the claim that somehow biological sacks, can be instantly overcome by declaring that contrast engender identity, but when it comes to sports changing ones gender by declaration does not reduce one tight nor does a change ones basic body profile in terms of the muscular skeletal system tampering with the mail female pattern will lead to confusion and worse I'm Albert Moeller, , tuesday's our vision, I am twelve sixty, the answer, we, two, she uses of the United States Supreme, the range of Conley said, dancers which was a nice and is consistent with what I told the American people, directions only, subject ones that you never sample receiving the class of a new from nation over private email with that true, privacy Asian found that there was cluster of nation center was not true, hazards as the F.B.I. said, everything I've said publicly has been consistent and truthful with what I tell them, thank you around, where the plan, around the Asian, and there's a lot, media, morning warrior, here is doing, on August twenty twenty fifteen think it returning to get it going to work, not a great day and going back, tomato Washington D.C. again meet the press on Sunday in their four outings, on the line into that game tomorrow, and they'll be flying on Friday afternoon flying back on Monday out to the Monday show from D.C. still not ready to lead California into Labor Day still know that it's a million degree in Washington D.C.. Although the city is basically empty but, shut call that I getting up and go because will be talking about what Hillary Clintons gonna do today which is give a speech attempting to find the Republican Party is racist, on the basis of a small noisy, and marginal group of people call be all right, now I I want to prepare for the there are two definitions of all to right, there's the narrowed definition meaning white supremacist fashion, and then haven't, and there are, you know a few thousand of them in the United States and their online a lot and they say crazy stuff, and they're big it's in their horrific and they're not Republicans, there's another alright which is much Larger and that's the reflection way anti Washington D.C. Republican Party, that, hey chips reply when Paul Ryan and everyone has never held elective office in Washington D.C. there are a few all writers in Congress under this Brodeur definition, but keeping The definition, Lou serves the Democratic Party, very very well, nobody, there's a question for example wants to be a associated with white supremacist, got nothing to do with Christianity, a rejuvenated them for that matter the we'll be all right the old alright is per following Anti Semitic and Nazi, and so nobody likes to be around it may Hillary's going to try and muddy up the water on that, and trying claim that, Donald Trump is a racist he isn't to use language that was Profar me in different to race. He stopped that with judge carry all he is now peeling directly for African American go sent Latino votes and I would like to proclaim myself a profit right now, because Donald Trump is adopted that you you're dealing immigration, which is regulars nation plus a very tall wide sets, double sided with a road between, that's always been since two thousand and six when I wrote about him about paying the map read I've always said regulars nation everyone cheer get just a year no citizenship, you don't get the stay at your criminal and that's going to make sets, everybody gets this day it won't we're moving it through and find out of your bad guy and if you are will send your back but, but other than that will give your purple curtain you'll be regular arising him ever be a citizen you won't have a path to citizenship, but we are built Matt bats and it's going to be very tall very wide and it's going to go a thousand miles or more across the two thousand mile borders on parts the Mets were don't need it, and that's where Donald Trump is some people say that's a flip-flopped I doubt, I always thought but Touchback stuff was not a, you know it's sort of like you game our alien for it, Donald Trump's immigration positions always been very begun ambiguous except for the fence around the game, flip flop I think he's evolved Touchback into eventually got to go home at some point. And touchdown their comeback but in the meantime will give your purple card and can stay, well yeah then, both candidates route yesterday, very rarely had a Hillary Clinton signing what's it like am, the purple breast in war border, showing up in, you know that, it's the right out two with the Bour's, and she showed up with, inning and isn't Cooper Luck ended a couple define journalist I like Anderson, why she pick can ascent to the knot Jake Tapper that's why, and and it's not, Chuck Todd and she doesn't do any real what it is, but let's sunk that lets was not what you had to say, Hillary Clinton talking about, donations cut number eleven I was okay if the Clinton Foundation to set for donations when you were Sceptre stay but it wouldn't be okay if you were president, outlet league added when I was Secretary of day, eight at night at went above and beyond anything that was what was anything that any charitable organization, but you know, how obviously, if I had that there will be a, I can make it at that, fans, and that's why the foundation laid out, I guess I know I'm but I didn't a unique circumstance and they exist when you're fine M. elective during those unique circus now, I know now I'm not left handers then I I know there's a lot of miles, and there's no hire that A.P. report, but it in contact with it. Yelling, the needing I had with well leaders went out of their meeting with us government has shown, when I was Secretary of made it look at it, all portion of Mike I'm and that one of the him, then and made the suggestion, that line meeting with people like the late great athlete we now normal led the way for the No Doubt high Werner Mohamed you know no, click here to connection let Bucktown gauged end, if there's that it as highly respected global leaders, that is a better, you get people I was proud to meet let who any Secretary of State, what event, how'd to meet with you hear about their work and their end, they're very worried, because it's obvious they were running an pay for play, it was obvious that the Coliseum skipper Clinton Foundation was running to pay for play, and they would call up whenever a clean Foundation donor wanted and they get him into the backdoor through the special Clinton Foundation Durant major very nervous, Anderson trooper presses are a bit calmer trough you haven't done a press conference in more than two hundred sixty days interview public appearances your media stratagems reporter political, that indicate your allies believe the by keeping a low profile relatively low Prout profile you can essentially run out the clock and Trump keyed the focus on Trump heady response to that will you give a press conference, Anderson I'm talking to right now, Anaheim again I think way and at the three hundred interview here. On fell on May continue talking with routes and answering questions and one argument, friends don't have a lot of years, you know what I mean I've got a lot, a lot that I had and sharing the at bat knocking him the route, as I'm doing with you light now so they turned out to be a lot of different yet, opportunity for me to talk to the glass as well as that can get knowing that the American public, the should a person that it's the easiest thing in the world, but yeah I'm gonna press conference why not why not Why not, most people are two polite to keep doing on this thing which is why you hiding Hillary wise Hillary hiding, he did go on asked about trying to throw Colon Pau on with about cut number thirteen according thing here Times report you told F.B.I. investigators of former sector say Colin pal advisor user personally Mel account his response that this past weekend was reportedly quote her people are trying opinion on me and that go the truth is she was using some better private email server for year before center, or up now no telling her what I did, he's under the private email accounting you say that to F.B.I. investigators and a center pal right where you using this private email server prior to your conversation with him, well what I have the utmost respect for Secretary our and he was incredibly gracious and how golf. On after I was nominated an before I took the job I appreciated, but I'm he took when I was preparing , I'm could be contact per carry and I valued his advice, I'm not going to re litigate in public on my private conversations with him, I bet out mandate many questions from the Pats hear about emailed and, what I've learned and that's what I try to explain, what happened, it then, I'm like I'm trying to make it what I did and there are no like you, I want people to know, that but if they're going to have a single email, there are no excuses we get that but she does excuse herself and then finally got number fourteen and in two thousand and nine, I think took doubts that went above and beyond all week though requirements on it, and in gate all the entered requirement followed by every other charitable organization, one player only this quality, there's significantly reduced Bank, so I think that funding, even for the point, you know pick Rick those funding being caught involved in providing medication to trade H.I.V. eight, and I think that he announcement that the foundation, I played on really red flag, it is, care to continue, and much of it that important workout, the ball but could do it in a way that, the bye, great disclosure and all that well, none of this is legally required the stepped out there, on than the policy that we're in place when I was Secretary of play and that one. 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If the inbounds slow from Colombia part, with Avenue it's also running heavy New York Avenue inbound from South got avid avoids Berg road to ninety-five slow southbound from Burrows outing headed toward Pennsylvania Avenue into seventy southbound relation eighty-five in Predator the truck scales Accu Weather forecast partly sunny hot in more humid today high ninety one, tonight cloudy warm and humid with the Thunder storm and spots Los seventy-six right now partly cloudy seventy-two in Washington this reporter brought to you by rivets were isn't a replays here short trip to adventure with practically guaranteed eighty-two insider you can do everything under the sun playing short cut to happiness to data rhumba dot com I Scott Brady with traffic and weather on am twelve sixteen The answer by Mike Gallagher weekday mornings that night, no more huge Hewitt here on am twelve, welcome back America junior thanks so much for listening devastate, newly at least two and forty seven people were killed yesterday when mountain town for flattened by six point two magnitude earthquake more than three hundred others are injured rescue efforts continue underway aftershocks do as well, very sad story, a good story is that almost a thousand a view of stepped up and given fifty-two one hundred and sometimes more, to our food for the por campaign which wrapped up tomorrow I wanna thank you in advance but I also want to urge you if you are, if you're among the later Ryders, if you haven't yet done so the opportunity remains treated to become part of the effort to solve the famine. At least for this summer, in Haiti, food for the por shipping massive them out of Rice in Beane's which they've already, had donated were paying for the transportation cops, avoid the ship was actually charted in Taiwan, after that the cheapest, the calculation of Costa transport and purchased the third ship since a meal, fifty dollars will feed one child in Haiti for an entire year at one hundred will ride to children with the same thing, in call with the donation and eight five five three five nine hope, eight five five three five nine forty six seventy-three, easiest thing is to go to your dot com, life banner, it's right there at the top and give lifespan maybe some of our new listeners on W.A.F. a be thirteen forty them the talk of the town, and so Aga, so what got, still a Cub, I guess the net wrong and Taliban Mesilla collared Alabama, yeah Phoebe thirteen forty welcome aboard it's great to get up get Golen but before you out the door maybe get fifty dollars to save in the children hating from the famine which is been brought about by a drought down there thank you so much for doing that, also remember start using the hash tag on vote and , today they're doing a huge he huge ad buy for Donald Trump and Pennsylvania Highland Florida The Big three states, but the national sport shooting Sports Foundation also want you to being informed voter. We get registered wherever you are, we have to do is go to gunned vote dot org a gun boat dot org, or go online a Twitter news that hash tag on but, the people that you are proud done but person interest in my Twitter, I just blocked a moron, the Calder races I do took that I don't mind critics on Twitter people don't like my positions that's fine I rarely block people I block people use, the bomb, left-right center supporters whatever I just don't need that in the morning, and I block, people who call me racist because I know that they're idiots, you know, if they in the world, I'm a guy called for regular is a shine approach and I'm not a big it and I'm not a racist than when people call me when I just block come, so if people want to know why they've been Watkins because one of two things or their voter, or there, they're more arms, and whether in Indiana today, , , F. fives and they're going to have an all day long Governor Mike Pence is back in the Hoosier away and because of the intensity of the weather their Donald Trump was in Mississippi last night now a lot of people say Y.A. in the world in Mississippi and I'm among them, I do not know why year Mississippi State you've got a win, you get a win for the aisle so I can always understand or an era of those of the two must have along with Pennsylvania for New Hampshire Nevada and eye out. So it's really a five State rates Ohio Florida Pennsylvania, New Hampshire Nevada such that way and Iowa, I I think we've got Ohio in hand because romp just killing Ted Strickland por retread tad is so flat on his back Democrats appalling money out of there, they're given up on him he'd be the oldest guy ever elected a freshman center, someone as time is clearly past seventy-five years old he wants to go be a senator, and replacing very effective Rob Portland, I also very very pleased the way that, Todd young it bouncing back in Indiana I can I mean believes someone is going to vote for Evan by another retread, who turned his back on Indiana got rich and doesn't know zone addressing Indiana that was the funny got asked what you're draftee could knows he can name is addressing Indiana, Todd young mind, by contrast in the lane a veteran forty-four year old Congressman extraordinary guy great candidate, we got to get Todd Young on the show a lot to me in Indiana doing that Pennsylvania doing very well, Callaway eye closed the gap it's really impossible to tell their Republicans are doing very very well on the down down Rich, because Hiller is such a terrible wind him, that a lot of Democrats are just staying home and I am not, I'm not persuaded that Donald Trump going after the after American road to the smartest thing he down Mississippi, playing some of them we come back as well. 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This is S.R.I. knew, sixty, Carly cloudy in seventy-one degrees in six thirty one on Scott Brady Good morning Montgomery County Police are done a fine you deadly shooting victim into people arrested on drug charges at home and Bertens Bill basic twenty-two year old son you'd have signed lived in the home on Sandy spring road where he was killed on Tuesday night, after search warrant was obtained a twenty year old Jason Berrios who also lived in a home and the nineteen nineteen year old to bond Davis who lives on Cherry Hill road they were rested and drug charges neither was charged with a murder of Hassan that investigation is continuing, three judge federal panel is allowing a reduced routine lawsuit in Maryland to move ahead, the plaintiffs contend on first amendment grounds that the Congressional District map drawn following the two thousand ten census was too heavily influenced by party politics they say that we just ripping sought to turn the sixth District in Western Maryland from Republican to Democrat the Federal Transit administrations heaping more criticism on Metro yesterday the Agency said Metro employees have universal miss under, standings on how to Storen secure trains and Rel yards P.F.T. added that Metro supervisors frequently urged employees not to use hand breaks another needed safe guards to prevent accidents involving both workers and riders now, check on the road sixty-six eastbound between two thirty-four business in twenty-eight in center Gholston of the accident there, traffic skin by single filed to the right it's G.M. deference to thirty for the Prince when Parkway right after the rest area heavy via matter that for the Valley for Mccann travel to the Georgia Avenue fifty is running slow. Inbound from Colombia Park road to counter worth Avenue watch for delays two ninety-five southbound often on for the Eastern after the Pennsylvania Avenue and then ninety-five northbound away some deal city to one twenty-three slows again from Groupon to defy Kanye Springfield Parkway three ninety-five northbound heavy from Duke Street, torching Street Branch Avenue northbound delays from the three one in the chance to surrounds wrote this report brought to you by Rueben tourism, a rule is your shortcuts relaxation on the crystal blue Caribbean stress just once away playing your shortcuts happiness today at a Ruebel dot com, local news every thirty minutes all day long and Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now you're exclusive given the forecast and I am twelve sixteen, answer when they partly sunny hot injury more year with a high temperature ninety-one degrees, tonight some clouded is warm and humid with a shower thunderstorms fossils seventy-six, DeMar partly sunny ha unit with a shower thunderstorms spots in the afternoon high near the record of ninety seven seven nineteen forty-eight, Saturday mostly sunny and hot not quite as you mid to high ninety three, with draft weather forecast I'm it all disjointed Ram's it sure what on am twelve six T.D. answer, welcome, but on Thursday, a great day, one saw operation Crow might yesterday would mayonnaise, Jenner Macarthur not a bad movie, little rough in parts, not bad, Liam Neeson Macarthur pretty good, it's it's unusual Beno South Korean sub titles and English sometimes depending on who talking. generally based on the true story bench on which was pretty amazing The nineteen fifty, I Hail Mary pass that Macarthur Paul that defeated the North, Korean in there, invasion of South Korea, brought about my weakness in the Czech hit with the sort that Hillary will Telegraph is President every single day, if she wins, so you don't want to you don't want to do that Hey I also wanna remind all Denver business owners, this Monday there's a three event, August the twenty ninth at the Hyatt region through Denver Turk Schonert starts in the morning at eight a.m., so right down today it's Thursday afternoon you're listening on tape delay in Denver I can us seven ten, well and Monday at eight, the job cratered network brings Small Business bat campaign, is coming to the Denver touch center, I had region see it's absolutely free, if you're small business owner you want to go, no matter what you're small business is gonna learn from the experts, learn about how to fight back against bad government policies, educate the public and your work for us, defend main street dot com is all you need to learn more about that, defend main street dot com, also while let you know that, decision Twenty Sixteen Tourist getting under way very very soon, we are beginning on September eleventh in Florida moving through various Florida cities, various, I owe in Virginia locations ending up in Denver, here I come out C. Dennis Prater my calendar and myself. Go to decision Twenty Sixteen Torre dot com, we're out there trying to educate voters in the meanwhile timeout educating Americans, bill Bennett, new talking with Kentucky State Senator Mike Wilson about that very said the tears the Bennett interview welcome back to the Bill Bennett interview making America work, today I am talking with Senator Mike Wilson about the state of education in America, center Mike Wilson that is the State Senator for Kentucky's thirty second District, the state's education committee, I member of conservative leaders for education a group which I'd tear, center Wilson we've talked about the Liberal control of education particular to national level, now if you move education locally does that can conservatives a better chance a better shot at control, I've been almost every state cap room I've noticed in many cases that right across the street from the State Capital, as an almost always Bigger building the state teachers organization building it's not as if they're on the ground where you are right, Superintendent, June schools, we're sleep winter, and he told me when I got good, so what you're going to win, the biggest obstacle when you're looking at you, it's going to be the contusion and it's going to be true, when the before that, but we, they were willing lately, use bad, money, in which it, the win, Winston, and parting with despite but that's what they used to, they were all about production, but there ripping about what they can do it in. winds, winning in that made him teacher slugged, women, I don't really know that's inside, that's exactly Ryan i. a fan in my experience in the Wilson The, a much happier with the individual teachers I need with in the group's to represent the pre no answer that I think they're better actually been a national organization often their stated previously lead, absolutely, we have some really tough, in teachers, in school system but I've talked to Miller said, no but you know that we're not good teachers, when the problem with the unions, we were working return to change, the coach, and when, all items are teenager their record which it has to do with Tribe you know Protestants, still dominated by, we're not in person, open, when we stated, when you look at some of the cases it's just the learning what Little, they allow them to get away with it when you talk rumor you didn't do that, let them back in tennis Google, the Mets on Sunday, stretching but I think when you get to local control going back to the original question features a lot of times they belong, they won't be insurance, they are, notes, clearance, to be a member but they really don't like the way they tune in, and they were honored I just want you know took away where they can do that, two, you don't freeze them all of this, matches, all due reach Andy, reporting Newton, coming out.