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Listen: "I'm Shapiro the morning after the Dow dropped two hundred and eight points. Futures are down, but not a lot"

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Ramin Talaie
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I'm Shapiro the morning after the Dow got two hundred and eight points futures were down but not a lot aftermarket stop big in Asia down six percent enshrined overnight two percent in Tokyo markets are also lower in Europe i'm David Geffen they Fox News Radio JC Penny accounting beat the called on their read something and knock down to the battling like sixty that anything that top select at a Rex letters home other accessories and group where one get twenty by the half hear David many quite a cranky upon o'clock and then aa or any other from a payment and then the fabric taking heading towards that area and today see any time back on one hand one kind of my second kind of what I'm talking about and manned flight very much on the.