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Listen: "Like this assessment is not on your eyes of promoting this is the Mets and join us at a pretty good"

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Drew Hallowell
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And then and then you could do those things a lot of your Mets fan and I know that you when I share a lot of those same pretty conservative believes when it comes to not a lot they're you're not bothered by this it all game is no it's not what I bet he is not on starting to thank you originally I wasn't as long but as always just keeping pressure off the chain because this kind I think also list of Burks pressure off of the pitchers in off of the guys that probably have a lot there's no way to divert pressure when you Gooden everybody knows it you play in New York Police to know what a darn least in Spring Training and if you're going to get a runaway out a blocks in on Opening Day but right now I think it's is starting to annoy me a little bit a little bit for ten weird man it is really get a little weird on what to do what he says open ice is a video them in the let's put it out there is not like it isn't like this assessment is not on your eyes of promoting this is the Mets and join us at a pretty good you know lace up that big men at Mets but this out now that's how you make it interests entrance York what is this what all that's is that's his Twitter handle it makes also just put had a very strange strange speaking of social media and one of throws of The Nets hear about about an absolute colossal bust what a rate something to you so it's Hillbilly you think broke this and we put the sun they're Instagram and Twitter.