College Basketball

Listen: "I mean Indiana, they played every kid on that court and gave everything they had"

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Jamie Squire
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We got out to a three point game with a couple chances to win the game but I don't want to do is take away from the when Indiana I mean Indiana they played every kid on that court gave everything they hadn't Wildcats head coach John Cal Perry next up for the Hoosiers is north Carolina's thatare was dismantled Providence eighty-five sixty-six kansas drilled you con seventy-three sixty-one Perry goes twenty-one in a rebound Virginia pulled away from Butler Seventy Seven sixty-nine Malcolm Prague can once again led the way yet twenty-two forty-five guy we have to go to the floor I got a big plays noble he's been doing it years hard to defend very similar thus it was a possession game at a make some plays head coach Tony Pena courtesy of TBS for Miami although which does State sixty-five fifty-seven Duke offended Yale seventy-one sixty-four indicted drilled Utah eighty-two fifty-nine.