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Listen: "Pfizer is walking way from its 160 Billion dollars merger with Allergan"

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Spencer Platt
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Sponsored by aiming ganar in Capriati elder law attorneys and Steve This is a pretty high price to break up a gets to keep the reigning it is a big deal here debt AFI their walking away from its one hundred sixty billion dollar merger so the decision to end the largest ever Healthcare acquisition not really a big shock was government officials I got a step in the minds in motion after cracking down on corporate in versions of some murder's structured to reduce company tax burdens a person familiar with the matter says fines or will need to pay a four hundred million dollars Eller down for expenses relating to this deal is on trying something new with the latest version which came to the reader not only with a higher in device meets center but it will come with a recharge Euro protective case for extended battery life The Wall Street Journal says Amazon is also working on a recharging case but its solar powered although that one is not likely did a released in the near future Byrd Wall Street gonna say we could see some early games Rodgers the Futures are by six backup thirteen down features giving forty for more misses any go to KMOX dot come.