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How An 18th Century Explorer Discovered The Connection Between Plants And Altitude

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you describe, in that range describe the pivotal pivotal moments when he climbs a backcourt or is, Mallett considered to be the highest in the world that depth at that point and we'll get what was so pivotal about that Klein, so he say he climbs timbre out so which is then believed to be the highest mountain the Watt was about a hundred miles south of Quito in today's Ecuador and, he he climbs up and he he reaches, more than nineteen thousand feet so he no one has ever been that high and as he has and he holds allowed record for several decades in full hit his season as he standing on top of the Wild he looks down and his vision of mate chair, clarify because while he realizes is that the Johnny from Quito, to the peak of chamber upset was like a Botanical Johnny from there, it's quite another to the polls see seize the tropical species like but none of trees and comp chase. In the valley and then the further up becomes the kind of the plants changes according to altitude, and he realizes that, [Music] the plans he's seen on chamber up so I'm very similar to some of the plants he's seen before and Europe say for example In the absence Switzerland on the Para nice, in Spanx we realize is that daddy's corresponding vegetation zones across the globe so well, clarify said that moment really for him is that Nature is a global force and that's a mix Jordan many am, that concept to have at that time but he's also get a gifted Drew, artist because he draws a picture Wright has a mountain, yes he'd he drew a something which did that because he's Johnny Cueto not twelve Domi it which is mainly as a painting often make sure but it means more like a microcosm of N.H.L. on wanted Payton will he does is he t he takes across section off the mound off the chamber out so and he writes all the names