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Obama's Last Speech To Troops: 'We Should Take Great Pride In The Progress That We've Made'

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Twenty sixteen coming up on america in the morning addressing us military members in florida president obama talks national security will get an overview from correspondent and the road surprised into like thinks a futuristic air force one isn't worth the price tag i'm bob constantini what capitol hill the manager of the warehouse in oakland california that caught fire friday night feeling three doesn't party dollars breaks assignments i'm sorry time jimmer police have charged a suspect in the shooting death of former nfl player joe mcknight the shariff announced the charges stemming some by reading list of racist in profane insult he says were for all that officials during the investigation i'm read been what's next for starbucks and it's outgoing see you know i'm tom busbee what's the you would pirates booty gold that the pirates were far after that's what they're one of the period when you hold and you're holding really really apiece history i just haven't looked more coming up this all ahead on america in the morning seven minutes after the hour president obama ones that make deal airforce base in tampa florida for what is being called his last it majored national security speech before leaving office here's andy rose with the story of just told them in the last tale chief on the road it is last planned speech on national security tuesday president obama touted anti terrorism victories we should take great pride in the progress the we've made over the last eight years that's the bottom line nolan for him terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our home win and it's not miguel bitten to run.