Listen: "In the west, the Anaheim Ducks against the Nashville Predators"

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Bruce Bennett
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Jump in the East avoided Panthers and the New York Islanders the tip of a lightning you are the reigning Eastern Conference champs and they've Detroit Red Wings as I Friday made the playoffs the Washington Capitals who won the Presidents Trophy like it feels like a month ago I get the Philadelphia Flyers who snuck in by beating it but sneak and they got in by beating the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday and that knows Penguins who finished with a hundred and four point eight will take on the New York Rangers are also over a hundred by died last defeat inferior to the Penguins three games to one so you've got an on fire Pittsburgh Penguins team that finished with the second most points in the Eastern Conference and they're going to be a tough out for any team to bases them the Rangers to be Shore but also if they add up playing the Washington Capitals that would be one compelling theory for that in the East Florida New York Islanders Tampa Bay Detroit Washington Philly Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers and then in the last the Anaheim Ducks against the Nashville Predators the law bad luck he's again the fan base yard within two years ago that they know they with three games to none in their first round period and ally came back and won four straight including Game seven happen Tank and if I'm not mistaken went on to win the Stanley Cup Final yet well yeah logging part about what is the Sharks span this time the Kings have the home ice advantage heading for Dallas Stars but Minnesota while that will fit Tibro of the Minnesota Wild and if a Louis Blues against the Chicago Blackhawks would not mistaken is a rematch of last year's first round playoff theory or second round I know they matched up to it feels like the last two playoff for that the big rivalry between the Blues in the Blackhawks who are the reigning Stanley Cup champs most Number of points in the West for the Dallas Stars would One Oh Nine and then the one oh seven for Saint Louis so maybe will be different this year will favor the Blackhawks are certainly a different team once they get into the Stanley Cup playoffs doesn't a blow you away at the Capitals had a hundred and twenty point and nobody else was have Thunder intend to be the Capitals maybe not like The Warriors don't pretty darn close and that anything less than a Stanley Cup championship we'll be a different Wideman for Alex Ovechkin but another fifty goal fee then and he's Washington Capitals if after hours with a new Lawrence TBS sports radio CBS Sports Radio.