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Doug Pensinger
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my very first NFL game but including my first parish the whole fame running back more shortfall, don't touch dang that same game and Morgan Hill will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this all watched the quarterback Frier poll open minded dolphins wellness after my bad my Faber player Hall of Famer family you know, the on the first birthday became completed twenty-five large any post means the band restore whatever should, later but completed passed a tight am more Chris Paul came down the middle and somebody hit me really hard but after I got up I told myself I know are completely in this league later in that shopping season move replayed an off the Baltimore there's the first can the Colts at return the Baltimore just they have moved back in nineteen eighty four, we've been exactly did a war reception that they think fan three Raymond at me and I kept they can help there's only eight years old and get off a mob, i met him once before win the game us over but had a chance to shake Johnny you guys who came and can we Peyton you stay have a poll for you, well I have stayed added they that afraid came here she had have hope a NOLO relighting there's up there but the squad top and maybe he's black high pops or hoping Ellis but I have stayed but, maybe he's even although proud of maybe there's something about eighteen years, 18 injured good number and today got retired in pro football, oh thank the people were walls and shopping we can't be all those my old pal and of course they support their old team the Saints but they also support the role and that's city and stay here backed me from the start, almost like ten years ago to the day I'm that's my decision before go draft and State University Tennessee to my senior year they were the smartest decision she ever maybe I cherish my time and not spill specially my senior year but I was bowled fans everywhere developing unique role issue played in my life, thank you could Indianapolis Colt organization and all the flames across this country, you can't fat on how much I enjoyed about fourteen years later total warps the my family feels preview, be wrong about dimension Jim are saying Bill polling in some great coaches support staff and a host of wonderful Colts teammates many of whom will be lifelong flames, that was drafted by the Colts Indianapolis was a basketball in a coalition tell but it didn't take Walter the coal stricken but the city and stated Indiana enter football evangelist created by rookie season three and thirteen and in the process I said you know pillow rookie record-breaking reception just a regular that still hole today, every year that can offer rookie quarterback debate that reckon Andrew Luck that you stay effort de la Manning can Lou, still Kitty lab but he would have broken opiates started all 16 games, in the beginning of my Paul many and be the team struggles recognizing my grandfather would Penny weekly baskets papered announcers Joe Madden patch over all we broadcasting are game, Paul I'd say well it to win it right now were playing the three and seven Bengals man in some Robo broadcast those kind of the game fast forward a much I think you know we've gotten things go a little bit but can the Dallas Cowboys include intro it remember Smith Michael opening being I'm saying I called catcall guess what, andand so overall broadcasting the game he should I can't believe it, he was a later became a great product it would be to cowboys that week, but the world know to the Colts had a right to make no mistake about we were told, you can deduce from all things like winning unleashed 12 games several years of growth but of course women Superbowl forty warm truly honored and well to be a part of it but just say we go straight Amanda's is and he remains is treating there's he could be anymore told what he should be, but that doesn't it Denver four years ago agenda away had sat me down and said taking here's a would go and do we all over fifty games went for straight division championships was only three division games in four years and not will be on the road, i think I would taken that deal with John you did tell me that been you, great for lose the winner becomes the Manuel went thinking of the Denver Broncos I wanna thank Pat ball in his family journalist China away John Fox Gary Kubiak in their stashed from an all the support people in the great organization tall my Denver teammates thank you for what you're dumb for this whole court of that and of course my gratitude to the Broncos famous everywhere, over my NFL career op ed five head coaches who help me become better my craft an help me become a better human being Jim Laurel Tony done shoot Jim call well John Fox Gary Kubiak, twelve obviously change teams up at the same football representation for almost two decades ago tallk haunted many thanks his representing me would class it every juncture and always be great friends, i wanna thank a tremendous group in France to support about football career a bit at my side that game from high school to Tennessee indie and do that incredible Broncos Super Bowl with him last month you know who you are and what you may meeting and there's no way the measure are properly express what a family like mime Kimmel small property law extended family knew all the best, nationally you're support is there's potent a motivated is any men have, Ashley so my kids Marshall mostly had only been around fur couple Leadership but they have changed by live forever, people poured Super Bowl daughter Wellesley has made that is missed the last game yes mostly missed the last game of the season, you do what you doing that trophy due to mostly and that's what we're gonna try to ensure spitting and just the last game ever special swell shook my head amazement those thinking more Madden shifter it got enough five-year-old daughter Dakota, ah AM concern wealth orally exhaust an experience they can't help but revealing, i love Bill football of all the game so you don't have to wonder about Mr absolutely absolutely we'll sure Twitter small Abbott as big roll-up were gonna teach him to enjoy the little things in life because one day go look back and discover but those ruining work the big banks, so here with the same we will thinks there were looking to my rearview mirror have brawl much bigger going to miss a state Danner insane elbows and Indianapolis after all of my battles who players name which were worst Thomas Bruce cute Fletcher Balkans say yeah water polo in parachute once you an reader, and what countries like Fisher Ryan bolt checked kid from Philips Rivera look bowl pretty Mill Paper's fluids the way Jimmy Johnson and so many more, all we telecoms gotta play and again set little backer that safety but defensive coach, let's figure out what's is we Jeff shattered date Richie should know top of the bench next to me and perfect thing a fake aimed off the actual changes system areas Thomas told me that he let me thank you meet becoming the damn prepre every touchdown up through to of, promised put gotta play would tall anatomy days the names it touchdown all someday on Friday is almost picking up a game both the equipment guys and Cancun football broadcast cruise before the game and afterwards all misread kept we game but there, But checking the ship the Giants warm ecoli you over both or team buses, almost that had Schaefer Tom Brady in an almost played rides up to a big wimping fifty-three teammates standing in me also laughing and celebrating during the whole flight all this playing in some infamous so many great famous both that whole when all the role and it was the Patriots fans in Fox Borough and they should missed me, because they should be pillow wins off of me and this is important football fan driver when they did know how much they have meant to me over the years fans Jaret the core of what makes this game remarkable, perceive more letters from you the knocking Cal bear letters that up touch me made me think laugh and move meta act of their will optimum stakes stumbles in losses in football of also won't this gamers MIT platform it is dimming of voice i think I told well beyond the game football is tell me not to be led by rupture options and setbacks but instead be led by drinks, good changed much more in up and they'll put those lessons Canada ritual I arm and where I go from here, totally convince the end about football career is just the beginning of something I haven't even discovered yeah wife there's not shrinking trimming this morning into a whole new world of possibilities, i am bits will speculate the my effort in trouble over the past eighteen years were about mastery and about working a master every aspect of you know fill game well Ben believe them because every moment ever drop wish well everybody that I know preparation everyone know I took in every frame a film I watched was about one thing, never rents for this game well it back and my NFL career of all men without a doubt they did everything I had the hell my teens walk away with the window, i wrote a player score more talented but there's little warm who could how prepared, because the that I have no regrets scripture rooting second Timothy for seven of I felt the good fight and I finished the race I have kept the faith well forward don't fight