Listen: "Demands Ellis release for the Cleveland Browns he's part"

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Jason Miller
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Demands Ellis release for the Cleveland Browns he's part is not surprising it's now just exhausting everybody around is telling him This is a bad idea and he's going I don't care man's is looking like the guy at the bar stumbling around a line drawn acting like he's out of his life Pena like man you're not the DA show weeknights six to eight on extra sports third two hundred this is The Dan Patrick Show like to say the yelled rotten and falling cap I get to feeling then he once a break from San Francisco from the management front office but it feels like a you're dude that's why we thought Kelly will go to San Francisco that was one of the big reasons that he would get calling Katherine it but now it feels like Blaine Gabbert feels quarterback Dan Patrick we do onto an extra sports thirteen hundred Dan Hughes the smart surest and flooring at the Home Depot we're strand will than Campbell flooring enhance script Brown is at a new lower price in just two twenty-nine a square-foot beautifully incredibly durable with a seven layer finish the stands up to whatever or whoever stands that's the next generation flooring for this generation family strand loving bamboo just to twenty-nine a square-foot now at the home team more saving more to us only the banner to get started they go presents sharing vs oversharing way early this morning Brett he didn't shared a major spoiler alert from everyone's favorite Hicks of the move GB's to expresses feelings about the plot twist and a played this team agents round out the Saros produce sharing of dread Goodrow has something worth sharing with those who haven't befriended you like how you can save hundreds on your car insurance a guy go dot com so stopped moping about the post apocalyptic world and start saving in the real world guy got fifteen minutes goods eighty fifty percent or more a car insurance KC SF am HD one Colorado Springs Broadcasting from the only Chicago reads the room studios this is extra scorched thirteen hundred.