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The Drug Which Opened The Door To Legalized Abortions And How It's Connected To The Zika Epidemic

The drug Thalidomide was responsible for pressuring the government to legalize abortions and is now believed to be connected to the Zika epidemic

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 fifty years ago doctors in the US and Western Europe prescribed a drugs the little might to the female patients for among other things nauseated and morning sickness and pregnant women the drug had tragic outcomes he's a fax are still being felt today and the late nineteen fifties reports adno Mallett season children his mother said used a drug gang pregnancy began become then the best-known the most heartbreaking and these adno Mallett is was missing limbs not surprisingly within a few years the drug is taking off the market but the tragic story of a little mind doesn't end there as a story and Gagne okay Williams tells us and his new book defenders of thee unborn but the little my tragedy opened the door to a legalized abortion any United States supporters of liberal last abortion well seized upon the tragedy the justify expanding be availability abortion which at the time was mostly limited the cases where the mothers life was in danger they argued that women who would taken so little might should have the right to aboard their unborn child even though there was no way of knowing whether they babies had been affected by the drug their argument as winds document will set the fear of giving burst to a handicap Ciao was enough to justify expanding availability of abortion the tragic pictures of children without lands along with some high profile cases swayed state legislatures including California in nineteen sixty-six by nineteen seventy two twenty states have legalized abortion instances where the mothers licensed physical health or not threatened fifty years later in a different part AD America's history if not repeating itself is at least looking Joe rhyme as Mark play might a sad air taxes recently told John break point about how the CK epidemic in Latin America is being used by abortion rights supporters as they wedge against the region's protection of