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Is This Why Hillary Lost?

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Mark Wilson
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Mean given that we now hall have learned that change was the order of the day could any democrats have one in this climate or was there something that went wrong with hillary clinton's again well i think has clearly a very flawed candidate particularly up against trump who was sort of the embodiment have changed running is the ultimate outsider who had no experience and in government or the military i and you know she was she was going for this historic milestone in many ways being the first woman president but she was sort of the him body a man of the establishment to so many voters who just fell but she had been in politics for three decades and she never was quite able to our take you a bad message of how she would bring change to washington and of course of the very hard thing to do to to have a third consecutive term of one party so that she was facing tough odds but you know you have to think about what joe biden with thinking about last night are bernie sanders or any of them i mean it's kind of been a very different let's let's remember the rebellion in the democratic party in the name of bernie sanders a populous rebellion in the party that she put down because in the primaries she had enough for the minority vote to build the put down but not the energy not that feeling that people thought the economy and the primary system in the democratic party was read against democrats and then went on to face a much bigger force in donald trump again you think about the debates you ones wins the the baby for the right you're right three for three and yet you know what's that line that the present a lot set you've been there for thirty years winning you know there's a lot of people who don't like the clintons we don't like bill clinton and his his pass and and i don't like her and i think you know get them out let's really leave weird something you know needed a candidate who is going to battle donald trump for the working class white voter the white built more you had to have a candidate was going electrifying minority voters.