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Listen: "Thirteen ten in ninety six seven f in the ticket you're listening to the dallas cowboys postgame show" DALLAS COWBOYS

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Jeff Zelevansky
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Thirteen ten in ninety six seven f in the ticket you're listening to the dallas cowboys postgame show here it's no i'm hits kristen down of them the list the cowboys when twenty six to twenty over the tampa bay buccaneers pop up the need they are now twelve into all tie with the division only a couple of games up on the giants because they can take it away and also they won their tenth game today's so it's next week next monday night at home against the detroit lions to see if they can wrap up this division and the home field advantage because if they win one of these next two games norman the nfc east champions and it will help home field throughout the entire playout now they may have already wrapped up by the time they get to do to get to detroit because i into i love the stars in a game yards against philadelphia in philly i'm not certain philly can beat the giants but top now the subject david irving come up we talk to what is inconsistency donovan i got the last five games forty or lay it only not okay new york giants now in the stat sheet we will get let's see thing gorgo unleashed category should for me they will get attack colts the tackle goalkeeper law quarterback when you start twenty gonna pressure okay and that's basically the way defensive lineman short up a lot scores against the giants david irving does not appear on the stat sheet and all against minnesota on nope gold what he does over the yeah quarterback correction against the washington redskins he does not show up on the stat sheet against the baltimore ravens he has one tackle for loss not a sack one tackle for loss and one pass rush defended nobody not down the something like that and like the up and the game before the pittsburgh he does not appear on the stat sheet so one of five games before tonight he had one of goals quarterback curry and one defended in five games sometimes you get the right matchup you can't kick seven to bed made near haven't a great night.