Listen: "Does it mean at the Carolina Panthers you're headed into a buzzsaw here and they outta just give up now I go home?""

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Brian Bahr
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Done and nicely done for knocking that pots around a little bit because it's about tiny covers pretty little face dirty and this should not that I'm bitter writing understand but there is something that occurred to me we've seen this situation before an I'm not gonna step into the sports Sandy Kapur roller tell you worry oughta be putting a money all if you wanna get into the humans goal discussion by the way by all means eight six six nine six to four five six six eight six six nine six to four five six six so she said we've seen the situation a number of times where one of the conference champions went into the Superbowl writing mall fight blowout win well he other team went into the Super Bowl having the fourth hard it to win a game of over a team that had the best often spin the Lee and just barely scrape Dan by keeping that by high flying off and being able to score inn the times when both of those things have happened the defense always wins always and I'm talking about wins the game out right Elisha does it mean at the Carolina Panthers you're headed into a buzzsaw hearing they outages give up now I go home that affect should know not even a little but that old outage about defense winning championships that comes true more often than you would believe an did all you have to do is AD fans like that I mean you do what was the final score yesterday that Carolina give forty nine the fifteen it we just and godly added there's only been a couple it championship games there were whiter deficits in that you know those times when those teams went up against are really outstanding defense in the Super Bowl they lost so he just keep a sharp eye on that what did she did and I don't think it's gonna go the way people think it is I think did this is gonna be again one of those Super Bowl games there's gonna be a very low scoring affair and again I'm telling you this not is a way to tell you what to do if you're money if you think about betting on the six I would tell you don't bet but you know just enjoy the game and have some not shows and you know the hang out with your friends undreamed beer whatever it is you wanna do but still there's something tells me the dish this game is gonna be a really tougher Carolina they may very well win it but I think if they do Dylan at winning it like twenty-one the seventeen and some skill take that it's gonna be close I don't I don't first she them go and an first of all to a game the Carolina Panthers haven't seen before an going into a Superbowl game and an blowout anybody or even beat able the put up forty nine points beginner anything close to it I think this is gonna be a much better game the net so they remember the Superbowl used to be in all full game there there was a time manage where the Superbowl wishes miserable the watch all the time the Forty Niners her when in every that and they did they blah Denver fifty-five did 10 the Superbowl I think it was nineteen eighty nine andand it wish I think that when still stands is the biggest deficit in Superbowl history but it wished unbelievable table baking close to that but it in recent years it's been a good game or more often minutes then bad one so I'm open that comes tour again we shall see I guess but but yeah I keep that one in mind so it becomes true thing of remember who said it if it doesn't come true by the way forgot even mentioned.