Listen: "NFL opening weekend, I don't think has the same kind of punch, even though it is kind of cool"

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Norm Hall
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In sports at different times during the year that the Opening Day of something just feels weird it feels good it feels different I get that would baseball Opening Day of baseball there's something magical about it I don't know why I'm not a about the biggest baseball fan in the world I I grew up liking the sport I'm not passionate about it I don't plaintiff fantasy league in fact I don't going any games living in Nashville I don't travel down a little Ana which was Saint Louis Cardinals game lashed here I watch a few Braves games in the afternoon I watch a couple of games that night but Opening Day has that really cool feeling to it college Football the same way set Labor Day weekend I love that Labor Day weekend just that feeling Heyward were going into a holiday weekend there's college football on were all kind of excited about it there's some really good matchups in extends through the Labor Day weekend NFL opening weekend I don't think has the same kind of punch even though what is kind of call all that Thursday night game Chi throws me off a little bit but all of all the This is really good feeling that I get the Opening Day of the into double a tournaments I think is right up there if not all I'm sorry in the Masters To Opening Day the Masters is going but there is a sense with me anyway when we get to Thursday afternoon.