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Listen: "Kevin Durant had 17 of his 41 points"

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David Maxwell
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Here media points one and on your NBC Sports Radio update starts but the real Missouri had it not all season of not being able to close games out but on Sunday against the Spurs they flipped the script this Kevin Durant's seventeen of his forty-one points in the fourth quarter which outscore the entire Spurs team in that period as OKC takes Game four one eleventh ninety seventy up the series at two games apiece elsewhere the Cavaliers Bishop's due to the Hawks one hundred ninety-nine when Cleveland becoming the ninth team in NBA postseason history to start eight and know the last to do that was in two thousand and twelve Spurs Stanley Cup Playoff just one game on Sunday the depth we might need advance into their second straight used him conference finals event shut down this for nothing they win the series four games to one the Cubs are now twenty-four and six after a four three thirteenth inning victory over the Nationals it's their best thirty game start since nineteen O seven a year they won the World Series for the full baseball scoreboard at NBC Sports Radio dot com Scott Seidenberg NBC Sports Radio.