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Listen: "State unless consumer access not ordinary thirty" KIMMEL

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Taylor Weidman
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State unless consumer access not ordinary thirty thirty veteran host of award shows just taking on the very cbs is day barrett has detail funny man jimmy kimmel has a full playing hard for those of us to be here tonight he host late night on abc on late last night in cancelled on us that he did want me to relating message to you that if you had been here he would've been great hamilton looked up some similar lines to use on february twenty six then he'll be hosting the eighty ninth edition of the ousters kimmel with a trifecta here is already emceed the am a's and the espys dave barrett cbs news for breakout at the ballot question on legalizing marijuana and main will prevent proponents from growing their own pot by christmas three cam which began today is expected to drag on into the new year last month main voters approved the recreational use of pop by adults by just over four thousand both margin pam coulter cbs news folks maintaining your plumbing should be a line out i'm in your budget did you know that the professionals that mr rooter plumbing of san antonio provide a free plumbing check up on every surface call and early detection means you keep more of your hard earned money so you need to ask yourself when was the last time you read your water heater flashed if you can i remember well it's been too long if you got a leaky rusty noisy water heater than you need to call mr rooter plumbing of san antonio the plumber's i trust mention me dave ramsey in instantly receive one hundred dollars off new water heater installation every water heater isn't stalled with all current code upgrades so there's no hard sell after you buy the tank proper water.