Joe Piscopo On Gun Control

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The government investigated timely fashion, enter a headway in La Pierre on C.B.S. face the nation long forced Min immediately gets on that they want to stop it they go to a judges they've got oversight other proposals concern background checks is not likely the measures have enough support to clear sixty vote hurdle Day four at the Star Trek fans are morning Russian was good wasn't in check of both, and some check of bottle under Davidson that active player check of anti Nelson died in a freak accident in his Los Angeles home yesterday a month before the next Are trek movie comes out he also is only twenty-seven, he was hit by his own call, on down the driveway Pennington against a brick mailbox insecurity fans Fox News Radio fair and balanced, life can be unpredictable that's why you should take control of your family spewed your now more than a stay prime bundle from the Eagles and I'm not sure whether you need alas will or a living trust, legal seems network of independent attorneys in forty-eight states can help you decide which ones right for you without Billing by the our since legal zoom isn't a law firm, plus team here to stay plant as your family in assets grow couldn't be easier enjoy your life easily fills in for the legal stuff illegal Sam, legal help is here, people all across the country are enjoying the flexibility of working when they want earning extra money on their schedule when they drive with hoop with old where you can watch own paycheck he signed you get approved use our tournaments land away right. 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Eighty ninety-five northbound building quickly get up for the George Washington break in the Express lens it's that seventy-one video for The on the disabled truck in bounds, Jeff from up, twenty-five minute lower level fifteen nineteen thirty Holland thirty got the gift of building a decent exit forty-three over in R. seventy, unlike afterthought Outright Pick Harpring northbound heating up is one thirty, at the very David on the down side, one of the Hamilton are plain accident, later that, Sano bridge candidate for Thursday's one very busy, at the end of the half, problems on the blue line, he said, the leave down Why don't bridge extra heavy traffic reported there, and watch up for slowdown Feldman Northern fate far played westbound giving out, I know it, Levy attended the game with a high coming up here, three, from that, the high eighty-nine you now nowhere not to go on get beat their Hayne am nine seventy the answer, Joe Piscopo in the morning is brought to you live from the reliable remodel or studios, good morning, welcome to your Monday morning briefing, here's what you need to know to start your day, with your host former said, I've superstar to Mr, produced when Frank, with News guy, two, and traffic was Dubee to Hayne, this is the scope of in the morning, I am nine seventy, the answer, some, Kane below, from the crowd, it linger, we, , the signing is, and then his dream. , u.s, and the zone, Matt B. for as he is, let it rip, nine, the win, we need, it was a News, , for hours, , France's down, job is good, at the seven after seven seven oh seven right now, Ray Tsonga rhythm of the song from elsewhere from my Germany and then the great lyricist a great singer in his own right, before my timing Johnny Mercer Johnnie Merz it was a great senior great as lyricist for Frank Sinatra Andy put the lyrics together and I stand fast when I tell you that's probably the greatest vocal performance of any song anywhere this summer when yeah and and that they come back in life with Bobby Darin this some so mean Deion songs what was a big some Levy, on hate you know that could've been there's a couple just really quite vocal performances but there's only about a handful full this summer when from center, and remember he Francis average Sinatra and you know what if you're young and God Bless you for listening to the show, he added the Millennials in the thirty something to do with into the Selke, global Frank Sinatra Check out this said the prep of this men's entertainment career and that they Keeler understand why we cut over the Ohl man as we call them seven oh seven weeks Joe Pesci about whether Radio, when we go about this gun control thing happened on all going on today. Gun control situation happening getting a vote on this departing is up for a vote, we don't know I think it's an absolute diversion, this is that I can you don't know what am I know what is it me, is it made my friends I mean I have discovered Klein from A.B.C. News love having wreck on the show he so great, and Rick said you know if you have got to pick somebody hurt or killed by a weapon by you know via gone then you know you got so real true skin in the game Rielly and you going a lot all the loss changing the guns Band and everything like that, but I mean sometimes sometimes it seems like just an absolute aversion to make it just seems like there they can't analyst terror situation I'm upset because of what happened in Orlando this guy is like each just see praises two is long, and then and then we go to on the gun control issues but not Frankie a minor pace if I can run, the cumpli conversion yes well I don't I say it's a complete, diversion because I mean I don't I don't see any reason why civilian should be able to have a weapon like this but it as you keep saying if this guy edition of its weapon he would have used box cutters like the Nine Eleven hijack yrs or you were used the pistol or he would he used a bomb or you would he used his stick you know if you're Islamic she hottest. Because there's so afraid to be politically correct well done accuses guy he's the religion we don't want to really vilified this guy because of his religion, you've got to let long forced him into what they do shut these people down get Donald Trump pose profile now that's a story this morning we'll Donald Trump said the ship, he profiles as somebody who criminally profiling, as an Italian American Mitchell that and I tell you this over and over and over again if you stay Tri State Area here, and I knew you're not going to really fuel but if you go now South, you go out to you know the Upper Midwest around that area, I'm not telling you common the move up it just like that Cobb profiled Anaheim in the mob Y. comes on a tying a father lawyer Maiocco a chemical engineered look at all the artists so could all of the musicians all of the sights isn't doctors and the great Italian American community but now on the night because they feel them mafia films I'm in the mom and dad and it's a criminally profile pipe, you know what route, Dano mob when Seine thing about it he can you to get you have to let the law enforcement to what pay, and if you let the F.B.I. do what they do and they're under staff and they have no resources you weapon do what they do this guy to not get, he doesn't get let go and that's the bottom line of it and with starting the issue. Kiki before ultimately falling is going to join us he's a Fox News Security analyst former Pentagon official and Reagan is vision, one of the brightest cows clearly, the Bryans people in all of media kind enough to join assists morning he's up to incorporate Raiders stories and I just let a nice you you know choose a baby which use in the regular Minister should kind enough to join us on the run momentarily its seven sixteen let me get some phone calls on guys if I may, a seven sixteen on am ninth seventy-three answer, Jay in the Bronx good morning Jay how you doing this morning body, so, driving to work in that area, you guys made the news, you learn that it but declined, yeah yeah we noted that out, then we do that for Frank because he's again the Yankees uno, it would you, I know you are Frankie your Jay what's on your mind about a C., well well well either the English into some reading I get, I was in the news and, you know new both again, look putting him on the reign of all, I'm not being efficient way and then they need bail out when has been Latin ball, it was, I was either, I mean leading into my radio tonight but surely steadily Kent, Allen light on the month long written down for him, you know without the ii, so, I was I was pretty sure that's going on but then you know in Atlantic City Year thoughtful pop momentum rout of all. Says, something words E.S.T., according to, only buddies, the lovable and some notable individual, the arrive to begin a hitting immediately on The and was production, we will get were giving out the tension after the show we'll give him defensive depth that J.J. yard educator and you why sitting with teams are right Chenier my right, but right and God Bless you losing Cobb was an open the kids out in the public school system of New York Jay that was good, how about you can get away with that I mean, honestly, I love Jay, edible when he emitting cities him a dumb says that haven't out, Albert your stay after school, it was, really the Bulls one hundred and ten The Black Eyed, with the chalk guy primera, Leonard rated will undergo the color, is that they D. that you Jay Ralph made read I do jersey hold down a cab may C.O.L. level he might well out the Tommy , the my belong here, when they welcome him reminded that guy, watch middle mom I know I wondered Obama know about it because no matter what, I used to, and you know it needs it, probably not, joke, I mean a one minute old, and with that, helmet compared to continue not so even though his route when he completed you commit when you come into this country said, I don't know but no player has written, I'm in and I would play. So is so, the team E.E.U.U. learn the language, yeah at least you you learn the language, that it's of listen and you became a great American, what are you gonna vote for crop, I got a You vote wait, I get a vote, he gonna vote for Trump, the hope is that scalpel Wow, I got married, and Cameron and today, Q., eight, I think he loves you notice how well said the threat he it wasn't the first time I came into the cut, you know I was waiting, a nowhere in women's they would When did you come his country who went him and I said a word I was born here, because that's right, with everybody on that life, one, but noticing with the Flyers, media, we eighty, really around there with an overtime he began but you know it to the point I'm making his a guy who is who learn the language of, the kind that kind of, and he comes it but he , he's even higher I don't know how you can't pronounce Rentals witness a rout of ovie started, that's what I wanna know, actually raveling was has gotten much better seduced, his job, , with fifteen nobody's admitted that he might be the legs illegal well you might think, when it, yeah, so it initial comment wise Al said I could care, lessons then I couldn't catch, though his initial, on that, he's been Rob, yeah willingly, , Rob, love you man payout guy wide but the point to make it a lot he spoke to come and then I need. That are in from other countries they come the end even that whether they have, accents with the new the country beloved Donald Trump and love of Donald Duquette and I hear that, more anymore so you can't discount that and he would Mayhew added radio show Debbie we give it your straight week of a deal the way it is you don't absurd, that's show up and love that guy Ralph I love that guy but I know what, getting, he made for Lin On The Kill one everyone's as the two for key T. He's just the clock to think you're just a brilliant lady, at seven twenty, and speaking of brilliantly how you doing that how you doing this month downgrade and manned life is that I can't complain summertime, right somebody company says somebody court with them a cousin Pauly some he said, all he gets, you get Pauly was that makeup, someone, get some was hitting an inside, but you know they said they all, pead debut he comes in here and, I think it's probably one year when you're on the outside, that O.L. lucky you look at you, said the night things about youth every they love, on the line accounts hasn't been in that beauty industry a long time and I really like they have a lot of fun of felony counts them, silly front yes you make calls like that you go like the different the different examples are I'm all right got a Salon celebrator at the end of summoned when County as well. This is lining, I can't say enough, out, it's fun being an fans unite me from an equal people and I think he should, classroom like my exodus the London, have a tip, and you know, give me I'm getting your honor on kidding on pity, that work ethic I was proud and winning in eyes, the hit on a Petty duty work ethic and Avenue, if out the duty of the work ethic we love that, Teddy we love you have we do in this one seven twenty-two right now I'm afraid as annoying enough in all of the traffic of the Jackie Robinson Parkway it's busy as he had westbound getting right after Jamaica Avenue with an accident Bairstow busy on the eastbound who won the support Hamilton Parkway but they just cleaned up a collision watch for a lot of volume understand eyelid Expressway eastbound getting out for the there, Arizona because of the problems earlier on the go on us and traffic is busy at the lights don't bridge, heading into Clint eighty ninety-five northbound heavy traffic giving up Redick the seventy run in the own yet but that this April truck on your rates of the George forty-five minutes and at the George Lincoln Tunnel still waiting thirty-five Holman thirty-five a swell brought to you by mother's Against Drunk Driving mother's against Toronto, think supports victims of drunk driving tried to driving in under a drinking at no charge called their twenty-four hour victim help line at eight seven seven Matt help or visit mad dot org that's an eight D.E.T. that. Artsy sunny high today of eighty-three you now nowhere not to get there be Durham am ninth seventh the adds that brought to you by my clean P.C. dot com if you're Computer is running slow go to my clean P.C. dot com and get a free computer diagnosis in minutes you can activate My Clean P.C. software to clean up the junk that may be slowing down your computer increase your computers, today with my clean P.C. dot com that's my clean P.C. dot com usage Street facts you see name you see no basis bragging relentless ranking non stop Nike, then the cruel part is we all know the best is yet to come, best is yet, com N.B.A., the fire, join the station for you all the convention coverage in hand, with power life in Cleveland but the G.O.P. national convention coming to light eighteen, on a nine seven, media, and the business network, U.S. don't Futures are higher one reason new polls in Britain that show the country is the leaning against leaving the European union, that both will take place on Thursday according to one analysis of Britain's vote in favor of leaving the E.E.U.U., he S. And P. Five Hundred would fall five percent, the companies with the biggest exposure to the Europe in union include Coca-Cola and general electric, gas prices have fallen for the first time since February according to the one , Servais, the average price for regular gasoline dropped to two thirty-six a gap one. 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Unseat goat of my dry air dot com or call eight eight eight nine eight five W. 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And one little hole shot of the Boston here, gifts, J.T. you could entered the contest they think we're giving away so big it youth bought the Bucks Mckay deepen our spot of the bye if if you roll your eyes just that old God you know today, with that, and here we know what we did that we did that list mini cakes you know the P.R. stuff and I just was so tired I was up since the record, Joe can we take a picture with with the John gambling John John gamely got a Bigger picture and a better placement but it's all good it's all, yeah that about the sense you know you were at the back end of a, , his age, thank you from the big Parlett eighteenth a given that he he again thanks to being on the program, you know what can we get down to it I'm mean we're so frustrated here is is what we saw land though the new face of terrorism I'm afraid to even eschewed I.K. team that can get innings, an advantage director of the C.I.A. stones who is now the president after a win, came out set I saw that kind control with the por Byron once we have to make sure we don't discriminate against anybody at the tender list won the Soviet, but he said he was saying to our strategy to defeat I hadn't, it's all under control were all good and then two days later the director of the C.I.A. went to Capitol Hill was never not know if not we don't know. And we we worried that there are, carries hitting among the groups of migrants in refugees, we're really worried about their ability to use social media, to reach deep into the heart of America and attracting converting radical eyes, and in power, in around, citizens gigante violence in so the C.I.A. Director, he basically said expect more of it as an people I've touching intelligence communities, ear current or former said Look you're scooped, Beno stuff is how can captain, I know it's going to probably happen this summer and they don't have a handle on, in the lane the guns are you seal Nike T. that that gun issue it, again when maybe there is an issue but right now seems more like a diversion than anything else, it's part of the picture that intercept only upright a picture I think Trump have the right idea when he said I'm gonna meet with piano, endorsed me I'm gonna talk to them, yes guns out of the hands of Islamic extreme it's crazy people who want to use him, and that's the attitude to happen in their Nomar patriotic people in the country and members of the N.R.A. again people owners nobody knows more about count, and those people to win it makes sense to sit down with amateur Kane, we wanna protect your constitutional right so what we want to make sure we keep American today so how about you tell us how we should keep the hand guns out of those people but again that's only part of picture the Bigger part of the picture. And I don't know and I'm not I'm not Hillary heater but under the Obama Hillary watched the Middle East imploded Howard piece people missing that they could eat or Voting for Hillary K.A.T., I guess I just have a Canadian art bec must be part of the Hall liberally in cantation to say, it's not a problem that problem is as we've got to make sure that we don't discriminate against anybody and so we're going to fear on the side of having health and workers, and we're going to fear on the side of not an ounce trainer, criticizing are pointing to any of our neighbors for fear rookie causes our thoughts, after every one of these incidents, you see that the pieces are all tear, a warning times for all clear, in some cases like with Orlando again as a Garrett gun shop honor who was at the shooter got approached he called law enforcement, several other until after the shooters co-workers had gotten in touch with the F.B.I. to say, some Ryan about this guy E.S.T. I haven't twice, and yet somehow released him when all these indications whether a sterling fan Bernard game now, whether it was a hallmark guy who beheaded is co-worker whether it was set for a good shooter The, I mean major who will become opened up fire on his own as fellow military people, and their families, there is some really wrong with our intelligence and law enforcement if we're missing knees. And what it turns out probably learned, we're not a team that so I Kanell on an I.Q. seen anybody anything, maybe what we don't know we needed more resources climates given the resources, or maybe what it is that there is an attitude stemming from the top it says like the president comes out and says we got to make sure we down, all flee accuse we've got to make sure we don't do anything it would have to set the most some more all and maybe let that attitude as Stan is filtered down to the American people to say it had been are not say something approaching something, or if filters down to law enforcement, he had dinner, act on this, yes was gap proof and you never have troops, he has since Leetch E.T. McFly only chill to skip only a night seventy the answer seven thirty-four thousand S.T. that K.A.T. it the start at the top you work for the Great Ronald Reagan one runaway going in, comedy Koetter Jimmy Carter was a year and as he was leaving office and Wheatley some of the ten or shift and Hanzal people's tough enough that was fear and then I told you this before K.G. when that The White House when you're with your in the oval office would have right Ronald Reagan but when I went there on the outside was selected knees and I saw out, and I sub public fallen I went while I was ruled him out Eric Fran. Women who put backs, A.T.P. in instilled a fever in the world I respect everything that in the world and do your point it just start at the top doesn't it, all I can tell you is that Jimmy Carter and nineteen seventy-nine nineteen eighty he was a failed president and, the reigning inside the talk over a hundred American diplomats competition captain might not secure per year, with inside minutes of groundbreaking taken the oath of offices President in an January of nineteen eighty-one, inside, he says Americans, I think we're in one of those moments again today where we have a Sale precedent economy is something along for getting pushed around all over the world, we have lost her moral compass cleared luster sense of who we are, and so there's an opportunity for the next president, becoming reversed course the same way Reagan did, I don't know if the president into next president will do that, I'm sure hoping because there is the opportunity to do it and there's a year, part of the American people we Alderson, wrong, and we're not we just need to have at a leader who will lift up the tattered banner from the dirt, hold of high and thanks somehow only a we're going to make America, the kind of America that we believe in again in the world can look to a Cam, E.T. T., I got a legit go eye to talk to for hours a general portrays each added the general to trace quickly added that Co. It was interesting and he talked about, he talked a lot about The Big youth of nine military power, and he warned about something that I have liked, focus on before it we need to start thinking about what will happen so the world, work for us, with their grind for the age of robot, that's a lot of job, that low it down low skilled workers kid, you know whether in United States or whether an shine or whether in Latin America, those jobs are going to be taken, that's what has not too, interaction caught in sits a team it's always great haven't young and thanks a lot sites are looking at the bus an M.R.I., he's going to be here, and he and there's only one Buzz, it means a lot, teammate parlance on the bus, very flat and you just made by day shaky love having you on this so I keep the fight and and and God Bless and will top the soon to the pleasure and an honor to thank you cake even fallen right there Fox News Security analyst former Pentagon official in the Ronald Reagan administration seven thirty seven right now he knows coming up next jumps of Bracco come and he's a political analyst Ray Knight, seventy the answer managing editor of your vote your money dot com but first out the two low as all the headline News on a night seventy vs, news, this is not insert. The answer sixteen seven degrees at seven thirty seven in front of the pronouncing more words in correctly on I'll get too low with local news first, here's what's going on Breaking news more cops Arrested in that N.Y.P.D. corruption problem, five people including three in high ranking police officers, collared this morning as part of the investigation into whether officers provided favors for two New York business men in exchange for expensive vacation strips and Cash us Attorney print Barack is expected to released the details later today, a couple of police officers being how this Heroes after saving the life of a three year old boy nearly Brown and a fan would pull in South Brunswick New Jersey authorities say the board fellow for wrapped shortly before seven Saturday night at home on whispering Woods drive, was brought to the service by relatives to police officers did see P.R. on the child, and were able to revive I'm Authorities are investigating the mysterious step of a prison guard at the Morris County correction facility the Morris, prosecutor didn't release details, with the daily record reports the correction over so we're shot the identity of the guard not released officials say the jealous now functioning normally, and there is no danger to the public in sports and electrifying Game Seven the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first N.B.A. title by being the first team to rallied from a three one deficit in the N.B.A. Finals, the Golden State ninety-three eighty-nine LeBron James led the way with twenty-seven points eleven boards and eleven assists in delivering the first major sports title the Cleveland since The Browns when the N.F.L. title in nineteen sixty-four Le Brun. Also named the Series M.V.P. Ervin Santana picks into the eighth earning his first victory since May fourteen, Twins beat the Yankee seven affordable for the four game sweep and Julio Teheran tossed a one-hitter Pitching the Braves to a six nothing shut out that kept a surprising three game sweep of the Mets and sports is brought to you by Rolling sporting goods, the finest in the field stuck in traffic there be doing, it's a good morning out eighty ninety-five northbound getting up traits that seventy-one the Owen gets a disabled truck in the expressed science giving up to the George forty-five minutes and at the George that over at the Lincoln Tunnel and downside of the Lincoln Tunnel still waiting forty-eight minutes in the end outside of the Holland tunnel forty-five minutes and as well so it looks like it this able truck on the shoulder , on the New York fakes tension eastbound approaching the Holland tunnel rant Pierre watch for some delays as you take it over to grew three eastbound Everett seventeen with an accident being cleared and traffic is still a building on the east bound one us up at Fort Hamilton Parkway with an accident beard watch for delays over on that Jackie Robinson but Jackie Robinson move, being solely West Bennett Jamaica have with the collision the F.T. are tries southbound at one hundred and sixteenth street it's assault Carr semi today a high eighty-three tomorrow partly cloudy with a high of eighty-nine here now nowhere not to. Update their hand am nine seventy the answer, it's Joe piss could dealt with voters Lazar focused on the us economy we asked am nine seventies John tobacco to weigh in years to Backus to cents brought to you by your vote your money dot com, thank you off the peak years ago Barack Obama ran on hoping change and look where that got us wages the stagnant economic growth as an have and the only thing left in the pocket to most Americans, just with the President promised change, Quality of life was in free fall consumer depth bar July and savings far too low with the silo majority Fed out all Tillery drawn Zaidi timing dragged Lendl defects that we had the street, New York has this week's poll question, Rick the economy, Manning will crux of this a Hillary play, the both totally Donald Trump Trump But out of them, from the streets in New York trumps got the edge that's the back goes to sense I remember your voice your vote in your money to back goes to senses brought to you by your vote your money dot com, hey I'm call the guy he used ask if you could hear me now one for rise and not anymore, I switched to sprint yeah you heard that right I switch to spread its Twenty Sixteen folks in every network is great in fact sprints reliability is now within one percent of horizons one percent but spring to saving you fifty percent on most for rise in eighteen. 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Instead it throughout form that made him think that they were going to be all my Strome so equal when the primary and now huge that the Hall media slant against them and you know vote your money dot com, we think that's the most important thing that people are coming out about the about elections it be economy me about it, and the second put the most money in the pocket and your vote your money dot com wants to have, Queen's, on the other questions on what what what do you think most is what what do you look up almost gonna candidates, I'm going to put out support that people want I had to most, and that is pull up their National adjourned chilly had the stock market the stairs since a Donald Trump has been a presidential candidate, what is your research showing you, well you know this goes right to the hot of what Adams Smith used to talk about when talk about invisible hands and you know Joe market, a really the voice of people free market to the voice to the people people that would have talked books, they speak with that, books, we've seen in a consistent pattern out, the Wall Street, markets, loving Trump, the point where when they see his goals go up when they see and winning climb Mary's all of the sudden the market react he upside and if you look at all the last couple weeks on the media's Bennett that you know. Someone did yield three years then offend me this summer that, it seems like it popularity is now on the market seems to sell off, and I think the greatest indicators of three lucky you see the markets, you see that taught it's right there on your vote your money dot com, if the body, thank all laid it that one jumped up mark, offered people one invest in the future what comes down to people get nervous Maple on the first runs, and there you just in John sabbatical political analyst for am nights Indy the answer managing editor of your money, your vote your money dot com John we're going up to Cleveland together this convention man i mean you think detail his from the talking about this morning, I think we're going to try to steal the nomination from Donald, well I can't cleared up and you know people keep talking about the height Green is real life wing, in the top one parents where he won over thirty seventh one thirty-seven primary one a majority of both, one the popular goalie got the most votes after by any Republican candidate in the primary, and yet you still have East actions out of the right, he has to step that you you know upset the awful caught there are rate of change and most people aren't talking to specially Geren standalone return Carey was the highest both total for Compton the lone star country, I thought people across the board people of Saint Charles and that it and yet he still that those that body was talking about going in and disrupted look hoisted of people in taken L.X. away yet which barely one. He gentle taught me that this gun debating Washington today before we let you go when it comes to the Orlando massacre almost people viewing it as a gun issue or terrorism issue, , I think and the media, and, and it new Cirque if Hillary Clinton, they want to Freeman as a gun issue but this has been a gun issue, this is like you look a lot of what toughest talking about people want but but economy that people want security and people know, that Carroll wrist, the problem not guns we may have some small issues will we can do better with gun control even said that he but it here not done Fisher here is if you know what the cancer, you call in and you cut it out and you take out the terrorist if you got a temporary band Muslims for a little while coming in, the best way to do it one lone will compete down fifty people to add an oil, out batsmen, this isn't about guns joke about tear and that's what America but should Republican, waiting for Trump, he didn't so, the league quickly and this to try, when ban caught it wasn't to beat him I I read it, we found long Johnson back Oh I read it as kind of it, attempt they just a vet you got a vet the folks that are coming in, you know if their from these Middle East countries that with it where terror is why happen and that is a lifestyle for them and they they say we wanna kill is really want to kill America I mean it's just that.