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Kaley Cuoco To CBS: More Big Bang Is Going To Cost You Big Bucks

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Mark Davis
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Yes it is big ben theory going away okay might but i don't think it well cbs will probably call to the money but clearly quo co she was on with jimmy kimmel and basically said if they won another season it's really gonna cost them he reportedly already make a million dollars per episode it's crazy isn't that nights and most likely in the negotiations will be more focused on ownership inside the key figures but she told him pay if they wanted me to cough up the money his big being theory is just getting more and more and more popular yeah and no more expensive and were expensive yeah a so that's which he says and we shall c eight m no problem kiss it predicted it will find i'm kind of agreements and they'll cover the money and it up week that well that's the predicament that these networks run into and you can go back you can pick any any successful show and there comes a point where there is a fork in the road seinfeld friends everybody loves raymond although shows that is mention on their is a story to go with it where the network has basically begun to all of those stars to continue at least one more year they nbc big jerry seinfeld and i think he would've made i just three hurt us an interview with him with the stern and i believe the figure was somewhere around a hundred million dollars to do just wall in net moore season one more which back tells you friends how much the networks can make.