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Listen: "How you should behave when you are the quarterback of the team"

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Christian Petersen
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Of the Weekend Said align share of the anxious for each Kim news because he's a black quarterback but there is there is there are those who will hold on to a perception as to how the position should be play and how you she couldn't conduct yourself when you're playing at an end so I would say it's more of that The Paris once again the traditional This it and how you should behave when you are the quarterback of the team then they should understand also that times a changing you got a different have athletes they come in a game and it's across the board is that his quarterback to that every position over a prone except often supply but everyone as their loyal way of celebrating their accomplishments on the football field and some times it's bids over boy especially for me I should do keep doing that he would I got to the does that put that in issue with Fitzgerald to slot when he scored a touchdown vs the Broncos is low gyrations he did near in the end zone nothing role being excited about scoring on all four that but some point you cross the line for me and I'm just being a for me is it more vey cultural thing then then AE race thing because that to me is is a big part of it that that isn't talked about it said its young people that have been a different culture in a different taken do things in a different way on then there's day defied there there's a gap between go through and it's also a generational gap is one oh yeah young folks who live in about Oh I think across racial lines that they love and REITs which is why I think that it's it's too easy the throw out thee He's a black quarterback and that's why people don't like him I don't know if it's that easy right there is some of that but it's not right we can't dismiss that but I think it's still generational so it it it I don't like it all the time at an said it can lose some done you get out you get a first up on you got the first a jab at least 11 score and they will use go you do you look Dedmon oh that's cool but you can go overboard a times yeah certainly yeah yeah I did I know I mean those a there's there's a ton of things is we've learned over this year plus together that annoying me the Doan annoying year when that's one of the things that a noise you in doesn't annoying many which is surprising because they you're the one who played the game and it we would think on the surface that would be the other way around you know that I'd be the guy watching it going did Ghana you wanna watched a gauge dubbed dancing and you're like he could do whatever he wants because he's out there but sooner than it has to do with think what happened right not Zach Thomas and Dennis proponent yeah we don't been PO box right a woman about Bryant certainly doesn't fit in here Last box they Pachulia Ryan a tough time hidden in all box but I think that was a positive but I I will have a say in his user's not a normal he there's Mallett average you can't you can't judge a book by that That which man sick oh so it'll Color me is sick owes after their here certain words and oversaw David is in Albuquerque New Mexico CBS Sports Radio.