Listen: "Talk some NFL free agency"

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Charlie Crowhurst
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He's he's after with I've been shot one of them it all day long to be able to dogs on NFL free agency I love the year hash tagged are aligned in adds a lot radio there's so much to play whether you're T was super active like the Houston Texans The Miami Dolphins in the Jacksonville Jaguars the New York Giants or whether your team wasn't all that active and the first day of the new year was more of a whimper barely a blip on the radar maybe like The Cleveland Browns and you logged more players many picked up or you missed out on a couple of guys that you were hoping to get what's your reaction to what your team did in free agency so far I know it's been a few hours I think that an issue late in the first they met about free agency youth even teams that are in desperation mode Allied times they over pay for guys.