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Do sean watson threw an interception on his first pass" clemson

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Recap or more team a bill resume speed and david nori there was two against three and the college football playoff rankings but to dominated clemson thirty one ohio state not thing and david dorey we got an early glimpse in the first quarter do sean watson threw an interception on his first pass for hire state got nothing out of it missed a field goal and it was that type of night what soon when for couple stores threw for one but the story this game was the clemson defense they dominated ohio state for four quarters the only daylight that ohio state's are tonight was early on they got great field position on the interception and then they got great field position on the kickoff return with by terrorist cam ball they didn't come through their in that shape this game earlier kind of shape that the perspective of what this game was going to be clemson on defense they were lights out the gave up at the end of the third quarter the only gave up twenty five yards total rushing eighty six yards passing it was a jogger not defensive performance watson was is yeah usual special self and clemson proved tonight that their talent level is a notch above ohio state especially coming off a year when ohio state last fourteen players to nfl rosters john watson test for two hundred and fifty nine yards here to pitch but he also had a touchdown pass he ran for two scores as well had fifty seven yards wayne gallman eighteen carries eighty five yards and a score as well in mike williams especially early in the game healthy off friends overall six receptions for ninety six yards jay t.