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Listen: Is It Time For The Dallas Cowboys To Replace Tony Romo? Some Pros And Cons

With Dallas quarterback Tony Romo out once again with a broken collarbone, pundits are asking: Is it time to start looking for a successor? The Jay Mohr Show looks at the ups and downs of the choices the Cowboys are facing.

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"It's a bad situation in Dallas, man."

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When do you figure out a succession plan to Tony Romo, especially, especially if you're Dallas and now you're picking earlier in the first round then maybe you would if you did have a healthy Tony Romo instead of picking around the 20 spot, 20, 25, you now have an opportunity to pick in the top 10 of the draft where there could be a couple of quarterbacks like Jared Goff, or Christian Hackenberg, or Paxton Lynch from Memphis available for you. - Don't you have to start thinking future with Tony Romo, I mean isn't it, didn't they, I mean, you know, god forbid, do they pull, and make a move in the off-season, and try and bring in a Johnny Manziel, somebody that they see down the road as a guy who can compete and play at a high level in the NFL which he hasn't shown anything close to that at this point but what's next, where are you going, because Tony Romo is at the very last end, what's he got, three years left maybe? - They've never really been put in a position to have to make this decision, and usually this decision as we saw with Peyton Manning, is made for you, in regards to okay, when is the timing right, and the Colts land the number one pick and you've got to pick a prospect like Andrew Luck the time chose him, after coming back from neck surgery, Tony Romo is going to be 36 in April, so yeah, so three years maybe for a guy that's now coming back off of two broken collar bones. - Yeah, he's got injury issues now, he's getting hurt more, more and more as his career progresses, and he didn't play real well yesterday, obviously he's coming back from an injury, he's played at a high level the last season, but the season before that he had that major back surgery that ended his year early then, he comes back, there were question marks, he played well above what anybody thought he was going to play last season, he's now another year older, he's got two injuries in one season, one of them knocked him out for several weeks, the other finished off his season altogether, and the problem when you bring in a young quarterback or you bring in a rookie quarterback is, all of a sudden, especially in that locker room, with that media coverage, on that team, in that city, you bring in a young rookie quarterback, a guy who is quote unquote the successor to Tony Romo, the first bad game Tony Romo has, you know what they're going to be saying, alright, can we see the young guy now? And then it starts the conversations and the drama all over again, it's a bad situation in Dallas, man.