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How Nixon Hired Mafia Officials To Assassinate Castro In An Attempt to Win The Election

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To chicago and and they drag carlos marcel would be the ball funded much higher right been outta the godfather we did in texas they drag him and one of the comedian grilled them and forced him to take the upton and and that how they made their ball twelve nixon was running against hey after he didn't have to be pocket to give case father he didn't have the union support camp they had so he came up with package deal he he ordered to see i eight or the monsters it in come to my ranking monsters specifically with that slate pido castro before the election at the same time is so then just you know our sixty this is in the fall of sixty sit give it back to just two or three months before the election doesn't october surprise right exactly that would be the big afterward surprise could've if banister were suddenly killed and nobody expected eighty latin american dictator go out for the defeat right and you know my neck said that time was less presence so he was basically running for real action not all election and ryan is a little motion president for eight years and in it had disturbance that and twenty is president when it when i was who's down with this is our cody helmet so so that they can was hipped us troops are in you've on election day bit us cover i mean the us electric is not going to which portions admit strain they're going to stick with the proven eight year leader with a lot of farm pollock experienced nixon and not the young inexperienced jay ask a but that package deal with it just to kill but oh castro nixon also got from los martial law and from kanter tropicana be the godfather of camp up and and and a couple of others including the chicago mafia champion cano antonio proven tunnel a monster team stir leader in new jersey and a million dollar prize to next million dollars a small proving by the justice department in order to stall federal charges against him you hope of which were pending because the kid he could basically embarrassed yeah i can our nixon administration into at least you know having to put him like they might take action to gets to you know but but could be kennedy pretty close so many marked highs between off on and the mafia analysis on hair land deal yeah it in a package deal for nixon with that mean or brought long story short head to nineteen sixty three obviously.