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Listen: "How could the governor's wife and brother be getting this amount of money?"

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Richard Ellis
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I'm trying to picture situation let's take governor Scott Walker let us a if it governor Scott Walker his wife ten that and governor Walker's brother David when the Real Estate business and they had a building that they releasing to someone and it was eligible for some State Grant and that the Mets will know State grand is supposed to be twenty-five Grant and all of a sudden the people that are at least in the building our given a hundred thousand dollars by the state to improve the building I'm just saying do you think that that would be well something that would be getting a lot of attention how could the Governors wife and brother you know beginning this this amount of money because it does ultimately go to them but they own the building they own the building that the improvements are gonna be made on and that ultimately the value of their building is going to increase dramatically I would spec that he guys like him vice would be writing all sorts of stories about about that in this case you have a Milwaukee County Supervisor who represents.