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Listen: "You study the carbon isotope composition of terrestrial land plants"

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David McNew
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Sure of writes about her life in the lab and also The Core work with plan see you study the carbon I said took composition of trust role in the plants so what does that mean and tell us why this is important I know that it's it's funny can you say that it and you realize that it's best Colin did you know that the best way to describe what I do and that's the way I describing on report and that's what I'm paid to do but it's a string of Wirtz that a vast majority of people couldn't understand so that's why you know think about that for a minute that but here's what it really means it it means that I'm interested in life on the land interested how the bare-bones of the plan and things that alive our transformed into things that are alive so and a very very front and up that we've got the atmosphere we've got sunlight was caught water these are things you can point two and say They're not alive and a very very first transformation support done by Plante they turned it into sugar is the very first up to take energy from the sun and carbon from the atmosphere and bang you've got a sugar and plants amusing loosely of their position players in the ocean and this plans on Landon my specialty as the plants on land which include all the other great Planters I like to say it but trees that live for hundreds of years in the way several several times and and the plants that are show dependent on water but gosh that climbed up on land to the place where there wasn't any and somehow made it go of it and it's likely they seem possible impossible problem that they soft and makes hoped it really well and and I love it when asked you to read a part of your book where you describe the life of all Vine he could you do sports yes not only in the mix it up as it goes along the copious fine see it's that rained down from the top of the floor route easily but only rarely take rest the reigning malleable they search frantically for something to cling to from scuffling that will provide the strength of pace so completely Lack the Bryans are is off to fight their way out to delight by any means necessary they did not play by the rules of The Forest the trace the routes in one optimal spot and grow their leaves elsewhere the different optimal usually several trees over they are the only plant on land but grows farther sideways but it does up.