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Chris Gethard Says He's Funnier When On His Meds

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Michael Loccisano
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And didn't on it which in the long term was not healthy but to fine you know i from upright citizens big eight when asked twenty years old and started going on stated that agent find his place when i was accepted and where everyone was kind of an oddball in you know where there was a lot of active encouragement at that that was a real game changer so comedy really did saves meehan you know it at the end of the day i think i have to come to terms at the fact that it wasn't going to fix all the internal stuff i had to deal with it but it definitely kept me afloat for many years and you have a lot of projects to i mentioned the chris got to show here are test they all are you do experience different aspects of you committee yeah yeah i mean on on one level i think i'm just sort of oracle hall economic you know there's so many comedians in new york my like i don't think on the funniest comedian but i can i can try to be the hardest working so i always have that gone for me it's nice to just find different avenues to try to connect with people did you ever worry about taking manson whether that would affect your creativity yeah it was a big here you know had the i think a lot of us i won't be funny anymore i won't be creative anymore and i was i was shocked to realize i'm actually funny here on medication it which is like man i wish i didn't push through a few years there avoiding it because turns out i can actually like have ideas that are organized i'm not born out of manic episodes and and um just that i am a better comedian for taking medication mike for big moves of film wish about young aspiring tomic's who want to get on to something like a sunday night live show you did have experiences saying yeah i was a guest writer there for two weeks and it was really graham it makes me laugh because you know i don't think twice is like i'm such a it so flattery to be a part of that film.