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Listen: From Ozzie nuisance John Harbaugh Baltimore obviously the way

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Stephen Brashear
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No further than their own division they've had five coaches in the period time since I left Baltimore Where Baltimore Pittsburgh natty beach at one coach and you're right all they need to look and that's probably one of the best division in all football in terms of the qualities you organization my way of ownership away at the relation to the general manager the way they work from Ozzie nuisance John Harbaugh Baltimore obviously the way Colbert and Mike work didn't pitch first and even in Cincinnati stability the Marvin Lewis spot with the Browns and I know they have some criticism but he you know Mike Brown Katie Brown they have these to school and so it's a so Cleveland looked at their three solid franchises in their division said Here's how were gonna compete for the to be exact opposite of what those three teams that were gonna bring you then analytics cause it doesn't know a screen pass risk report legit pieces thing together only include goalie play but were reply ability and follow them at coach Bill like it's B L L Y C K hate real quick on this Sunday before we talk playoffs an I know you're circumstances were different in Baltimore Brian but what should Coach head coach no of a franchise whose moving from San Diego Oakland or Saint Louis if they're coming Elway Obviously we know what they do on the field but is really else if they can give revise today what we do about it this situation what would you tell Well to me that's the toughest is that you get three franchises a clearly are accompanying allies and even in their system squeeze out better deals where that what if you're one of those three and you don't move that how do you come how you combat now Peterson go no we love you we really did one Lee That's hard itsI unfortunate side at the business that we have right now he's franchises in the low It's amazing how the say has put up with it really year becomes very will come back and the league is a belief along the way view traction that has but that is tough and it's an an beyond me aspects of the money aspect your finish the people looked in your dinners H this is heart iSIS hard on them they don't won only they have to go to the market the Cleaners out these and an an recognize but the way this affects people I was you know for nine years in the city in Baltimore fully appreciate so I got Baltimore those three all had the scene he stands felt I mean I'm and I like the scent of Los Angeles rampant grew up brands that and I would hurt me the munchies last but to be around that year in Baltimore in that way the offenses this community it's a very real okay Brian real quick what start Packers Redskins what you look for in that game well Packers Reno outside Aaron Rodgers is very good and the Redskins are better at home than on the road Kerr cousins is thirteen touchdowns 12 interception on the rookie 60 touchdowns to interception that home this is says Redskins adjusting to the line is going back and forth from Start Out Redskins Nazi favor in Green Bay i just think that home matchup better it's given de Kerr cousin doesn't turn the ball over I think Washington and how about Minnesota Things could be three below a game time but the Seahawks in town because of longtime bike ads like Yeah the bike stands points to keep the beat Green Bay with the division and you were awarded sheets and the players you know it's it's like that's like watching a mother Blood Drive offer clicked and the new the city's them you're a little i've ran only a radio you could get more of that on his Twitter they're wow yes it was one of the leading the Vikings only outdoors know that don't stuff from that would Zeller stadiums ready next year yeah but Seattle with these vote they're gonna match up to its gonna come down the city Bridgewater okay you know he'd you're not gonna be Seattle going 14 of 19 through a hot under under darts which did against Green said it yells got the pedigree that Minnesota I think the lead the division beginning yes you do you agree that the Dylan run.