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The Super Powers Of Pigs (According to Jon Stewart's Wife, Tracey)

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I descent ask you mentioned you have pig's not not a lot of people have pig's I don't know much about pig's but that you said they have superpowers you're book well they're super power is that caring randomly intelligent which I don't think people realized ends that we have to take me now that weakness adapted find sanctuary and they actually have their own Facebook page, is that the daily squeal, yes shooting animals are also amMy last people and such a lot fans coming over and certainly doing anything at my family come over and it really I think people you know you don't have a lot of experience and experiences unlikely action knee pain, and so I think that people actually needed think they realized just how smart they are how much like their dog thing are any any any intact think it wasn't a guest from my Thanksgiving that that that takes it didn't off the way and say well now you've gotta Tracey i can't wait for anyway known that it really such a wonderful animals