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Listen: The casino back open for business again and KMJ dominant began to

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The casino back open for business again and KMJ dominant began to joins us alive gas to explain how the Derek County Sheriff's Office now has a plan in place to ensure safety at the site doll Matt it was just over a year ago when she chance a gold is still an casino just that's had a Coast goal everyman Derek can see went through and on takeover attempt now the disagreement which spot that situation has being worked out but my Derek any Sheriff's Office say they opera panic something happens again we do haveI Deputy on-site twenty-four seven to images haveI presence in terms of people seeing that law enforcement is nearby an two assist the security there with any issues they may have but Eric any chef Cheney Vonnie says they haven't had any issues apps Olsen letter those which prompted the casinos closure and as the tribal leaders who were elected in October went have a more visible presence of the sheriff's office on-site people could focused more on the fact did they need to have a successful reopening as opposed to making this a venue for working out inner tribal disagreements and it's probably know what not everyone agrees that this is the council that should be in charge so we you still have folks out there who exercising their rights to voice their opinions.