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Listen: "Hitting the ninety three Monarch fastball"

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Darren McCollester
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Involved in being a really good and be a bounce he will again need to re State my Quest explained that that they act the hardest actual thing to do in any particular sport it forget successful the hardest actual thing to do is what I'm talking about and the reason why say when you talked about golf the ball doesn't move so it can't be did more difficult didn't hitting a baseball what I'm and comparing everything to his hitting the ninety three Monarch fastball In a batters' box and also understand that the pitcher that ball could end up in your helmet and you're here right okay so that's what I'm talking about so when you agree that Goff ball is easier for anybody to hit because it number one Doug Moe and and nineteen ninety five times out of a hundred when somebody swings at one no matter what golf Ranger Ret they moved the ball somewhere somewhere yeah that's so that that's playing hitting in straight hitting it far as pretty hard yet that said that's that's fouling off of baseball our resetting hitting a single hitting the OK he said is making contact when you agree contacts not that I could I think I get out there and give me about five pitches I'll be able to make some contact might be a thousand might be you know contacting the pack into the catcher's mitt but all make contact of a part of baseball the skill the skill needed to make contact with a ninety three MON our fastball versus the skill of the of Golf ball sitting on a Dan teen straight and hit well of course you can hit the ball okay we're talking about I think that I could I couldn't make contact with a baseball bat at that's the I wouldn't say if that's the hardest thing I'd say getting a hit hitting it far that makes it that much harder OK let's go to Gary and win here what's up Gary hello Gary you there I guess I am thank you very much are out a temporary handling the Canucks twenty five in the conversation this past season and hearing a baseball as the hardest a anchor especially in sports and and his family sees it confessed regard for me to combat that had using ten a golf Officer Service and he said the reason why Ted Williams doesn't have to go after him how you don't play as he has a fast fate it's a good shot his guy for outstretched find it and again I think I I like with Perry's headed because I think we have to put some perspective on this is that you know getting three base hits out of the end of the ten or are or hitting the ball a pass defenders three times out of ten at-bats in ten at-bats compared to play what we call a par golf what's harder to do is it harder to to get three hits off of the pitcher or play par golf consistent on just talking about the trophy being able to hit ninety three MON are fastball in a box and then also and then and the back your mind now that that the ball can end up in ear and secondly Oh yeah they can make a ball and and and now or a slider a two three or four my yeah that's making contact trying to get a contact on yeah I don't think you could he get a base hit the one know but I also don't think that they can consistently hit a golf ball straight time and time again we're talking about this yesterday was Fred rug and we're talking about to he was to bring in up swimming in basketball it listened than anybody can make a basket anybody anybody can go on a basketball court and under hand and it goes in about without a defender that's right we're talking we're talking about it tissue against the Major League pitcher if you get in the box or you get on a basketball court you think it will be easier for you to make a basket but if there is like there's nobody hundred OK but you can't say nobody's they've in this kind of an argument overtime accepting that's not going to know what I'm saying is you're making an easy to do the other thing but harder do yours because a Major League pitcher is throwing the ball at me if I am if you're saying.