Dennis Prager On Black Lives Matter

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Mike Gallagher
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We can say it goes all the way up to the , individual in question about somebody in the government sold him out, and maybe that would come I would not be great if justice will finally done, , all right my friend I am seven you a copy of scorched are today because we have less than a week well a week left tomorrow, what are you going to be doing for election the people, I don't know I I didn't want to be alone some having a private party with thirty-five people but I I your going to alone that night, are you kidding me, join those suburbs nature, call no eight five, of four hundred seventy eight five, four hundred seven to eight two, so, listen the guys and gals are you hoping for thicker Fuller unhealthy here without the long wait the brand new pro the Super concentrate from Sharm in the what's creative with you in mind this tiny bottle packs four times the power of pro ve is an key ingredient for noticeably faster and more visible results Darth a year from Delaware SS I love for, over yeah I was self kind of just about my hair that I bought several wigs forever cleaning her out of the shower the same and offer might Joe I'm not a problem for me anymore revitalizing here follicles in improving scalp circulate should naturally and with outside affect your only one phone call a quick away from stronger Fuller. On the looking here say goodbye to wasting your hair in the brush in the sinker on the pillow try pro via now you will get the new super concentrate absolutely free with you order eight hundred five four three five eight three oh eight hundred five four three five eight three all the new pro via super concentrate, works or your money back guarantee for this limited time offer call eight hundred five four three five eight three oh that's eight hundred five four three five eight three, the American people are starving for elevated dialogue their searching for uplifting ideas and striving to find hoping he rose worthy of emulate, as always a look back in history provides a clear vision of what is needed for the difficult days ahead, when we honor those who have paid the ultimate Price while standing for the principles of freedom we rightly reference the words of Abraham Lincoln that Gettys Berg, they gave the last all measure of devotion, we often miss however Lincoln is powerful an immediate pivot to the future to us, in the crescendo and Katie's of freedom he called on our better Angels saying it is for us the living, that we be here dedicated that we take increase devotion and above all that we here, hi the results, they can recognize that those he honored that Dane Gettys Burke had already down there part and pass their test he knew the real question was whether each of us would be highly resolved to do our individual duty. A well-known biblical ver says choosey this day, but the praise from the more powerful great translation reads, commit, this day, the difference between a choice in a commitment is too big to measure and provides boldly direction all and destination oh difference in our lives, in the challenging times our children should never have to strain to discern our commitment to freedom nor should our grandchildren have to wonder what we believe or what we have committed to do, our communities need more highly resolved men and women who care about creating better Neighborhoods and a better Nation, the question of our commitment is simple, as Lincoln asked will week take increase devotion to the principles that a fostered the greatest civilization the world has ever known will we'd be so dedicated to the on finished work in the past before us we'll we'd be as highly resolve to the cars or freedom as those who have gone before, they didn't have to you know, that revolution, that declaration that all manner created equal that lost for the people and by the people in, of the people rule supreme and not a king, that freedom to believe in a match in and pursue your dreams with small steps or Giant leaps that freedom to speak in saying that writing create without fear, that freedom to try and failed Brolin build question explore share in left, did you have to do that, but they did, and we took it We the tired the por the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. And we Brees, and we've ran, daring to scale the greatest heights of human achievement, this is who we are this life, this people, we stumble yes but we get out, so we can give to our children and their children this gift, this pursuit of happiness, this new burst freedom, for Sutherland Institute disappoint Matheson, thanks for engaging, because printable matters, America continues this, of the eight for you, and really this the seeing the facts of the day the Glenn back program now instead were sitting here talking like a four, where the Earth expressed win over the princes president or the pitches goes on you can't where the Windsor stress it's annoying outside I win with Atlanta brings us to dress appropriately bland, for again playing says dressed then, , we're not for anymore A.M. nine twenty TV, yeah, this is patio went from college ardent guarding here's a quick it for an usual gets I'm guessing things you don't see every game, already short get headquarters if you like to save money this Saturday November fifth everything in the story except produce is at least twenty percent op some items up to fifty percent on that at least twenty percent off absolutely everything in the stories that produce is on sale everything forget getting an amazing prices at the Saturday twenty percent off sell it, Garden just outside of Roosevelt Auntie skyway forty to the, , right, Mike, africa, my friend is this is big a deal as you think it is. Email business how come so few people on the Democrats I'd care, if she got up as I said earlier and not so sarcastically, and she had out basket of kitchens, and she smiled at you with that Erie smile of hers that fix nightmarish, even per own smile, and she broke the next of six captains on public TV, with, is Bill era still around big yard bolster because he still around, now let's say she went on the any challenge you broke the next of six getting as well, giving America the Gary smile such you have to break then next because she found out, that they were voting for Donald Trump, kind of would even congratulated for breaking the neck of Kevins the next of Kevins that we're going to vote for the whole Trump, so I don't think it's change the election yet, the only part of this quotient that I see having been altered by all of the so far, whether or not anything is revealed that we already don't know about her, is that the, deep Laura Bulls out there who do have given up, the and he's in other words who've given up on America given up on voting, in other words the backbone of America, you'll see where they are few push them any further, go push them a little Friday you'll find other they're still alive someway all then not him and happen, maybe one out of a million. What they're out, in Wyoming, there and you talk, there and Colorado there in the far West the state's as well, and the not living in pick cities via large they're on to the teeth, they hate there's government, and they're ready to explode you push them any further you take away anymore that they're going to you're going to have a civil war in this country, I know that because I have my Steph a scope to the pulse of America, they have no Steph a scope to the pulse of America, because that the catch from America, all I want to do a suppress America and changed demographics of America, but there in coverage now the floor balls out there the once they fear the most, let's take the arch image that a guy like George Saros in is, and his game with think of let's let's take a guy like George cirlce, a Manhattan wealthy body guards bulletproof limousine never seen a public without six the ten body guards though he's ahead of State because he knows he such a Hateful villain, what what if you say to him short source what you fear the most in America wouldn't be people in Black Lives Matter no because he gave them six sixty five million dollars, to make sure that they all come out, side of his apartment building their easy to buy off he figures just throw some money adamant told tama go right being a police officer also so he's not afraid to them. Would George Saros and his type, on the up resigned even hat, with a fear the illegal Ellington, Mexicans also but Goran is the corralled wins in particular, why with a few of them, they fun them They fun no other organizations LA Ross and the others, that Carson to vote even though it's illegal do So so he doesn't feel number showing up outside is co-op a been happen, so what does he fear and this talk is moments that night when he can't sleep what he lays awake at night and says maybe have gone too far, maybe they'll come to do this to me who do you think he's thinking of, the crack your, and he, the hated header oh sexual heart is a rock white male Christian returning military veteran was on to the teeth, now you know the rest of the story, that's all simple that's my view, that's just my view of things, what he want to talk about we ready cover the so see a path compulsive lawyer David the monologue, pages that may relate, to the Hillary revelations of which there are none yet, in Scorched Earth solely rejoined shortly, page thirty-two, I right the following you tell me if you could, I agree with that disagree with it, you're Nets let's see what has to do with Hillary, let's see if I was right or wrong, so it in there something here, , remember one Clinton said to Trump, start behaving like a president. Well Michael Savage just a Hillary Clinton stop behaving so high in mighty when your a larger in a purge are, and then I write this of Hillary win should be one thing more, like are boss before Marshall be addicted Torrey of trader, the fourth the state was afraid to attack a black president, do you think you'll be any better with a woman in the oval office, she won have to sense of the media to take control of create est run press, they will do it for her, look at the New York Times which yourself righteously proclaimed at the end of June, that the G Opie been causing commission, have found no evidence of quote wrongdoing by Hillary, now there's a slippery word, did I mean legal wrong doing Omar wrong doing, it couldn't have been the latter because that report was full of reprehensible neglect, for the safety of our diplomats in on the cover military on the ground there, how can you think otherwise when you learn the not a single military asset was moved to the region, when our compound was on the resort, so what happens on Day one of a Trump administration, all like along with that one I think you enjoy reading it, but I go back to Hillary, what happened Sunday one of a Hillary Clinton administrator should they want, did you hear me, those things that even a kid no I'm entry school knows also urgently needed did not happen. Hillary will continue the Obama doctor it, with just determined that America will no longer exist as a sovereign Nation, it's being got it from within, not so much by political figures but by see was, using political operative scored Senators to do trade deals that are against the best interests of the nation, that's how China grew so quickly, it grow on our back, remember one Clinton was exploiting factories to China, the Chinese will buying whole factories out of the Midwest, they took every machine told the China you don't remember how Clinton sacked America do you, what else happens on Day one of a Hillary Clinton administrator should, how about a number and energy supply disaster, on the Hillary Colin natural gas will vanish is energy sources, Hydro frocking and cold burning will be made illegal, what will we get instead, so learned when that achieve, the solar and the when companies which contribute heavily, to the Democrats are going to get their payback, and look what happens if you don't invest the Solar and when that if you go to jail, business is a private individuals of don't pay the carbon tax will go to jail, and all the electronic locks in the prisons will be Solar power, most private individuals homeowners can afford and don't get enough benefits from Solar, and when them and she to make it worth their while, if this goes through though they're going to be fewer private individuals, I can go on and on but this is all about what will happen on Day one through acts. under Hillary Clinton the primary point being that the fourth estate meaning the news media will work for Hillary like a different bomb a because she will be the first one precedent, what will happen overseas of Hillary espresso that, well let's look into that, I ran is a Shia Nation, Obama is on who side, which side is Iran and, which side is Obama on, I don't think is on either side by the way because right now you siding with those who are against, the Shia nation of our Randy's backing the Sunni Muslims aware ramp aging across the middle East their called ISIS ISIS is assumes assuming group ISIS is a Sunni terrorist organization and up Obama seems to be sympathetic more to them, with regard to terrorism, and what about is Rilla free George democracy Obama hates it, and he'll get, we're going to get more of that hate for Israel on the Hillary, how do I know that, one of Bernie Sanders supporters Cornell West, that's that buck to with lunatic from Harvard, try to insert language into the Democrat platform calling for quote, and talk you patient and illegal settlements and tell us to the and territory right when that failed thankfully but don't be fooled Democrats are all and tight Israel the entire party is that they Israel did you know that, now say you how can the Jews vote for for all for Hillary, and that didn't stop him from voting for Obama. Although Sean self to be the most anti Israel president in American History ever since is fouling it is support wine amongst used yeah by a few points, but that really affect, people don't have a, desire to give a football I don't I don't have any connection as real, most juice have no connections Israel's you know that except the Orthodox, most your was don't have much connection to the Bible they don't read it, most used the number Le'Veon god they used the word guard butts a joke to them, god means Marshawn, good go I've been means ski trips, god mean socializing god means, a dinners god means a cure go shop, god means a trip to Israel to the King David hotel, there's no gone, for most perform for one choose just is this very little guard left in the Catholic chart cannot singling Jewish people out, I'm just telling the fact of life, there's a phrase in the Catholic charge called, lapsed Catholics, and we all know what that means, but we never your it apply to other relations do it again it's easy to beat up Catholics, but how many Americans use our lapse juice what percentage, well of that percentage of lapsed use what percentage vote for, criminal Democrats, all all of them, it's an interesting quotient but the lower the believe the less the belief and God the high the belief and in, Hillary Clinton, I'll stand I'm not on that statement. The low or the belief and guard the high the belief and Hillary Clinton, all right I'll move on Karl, on cave be E.T. line for What's on your mind my friend, I like, come, you are here god notices of the, cycle perfect or congenital I hear, being a play college of, but I just want to correct, little matter, of what you guys, knows there's any of terms you've use, you unfortunately describe, I will come to A.P., whether you believe it or not, if you listen here diagnosis, what telling , it goes described him Larry accurately, I welcome which one associate passer compulsive lawyer, , someone a lot eyes incessantly get their way and does so with little concern for others, of course run a quite so that applies to both candidates is what you're saying Well, so expense but, the ball up by checking, firm, and come up with the truth that Pera rely, she penalty coast to, and yet and if you can't play all the let me ask you how many people dot as a result of Donald from slice, because Karri Sorry We're not the I just met doctors sorry dot the just lost the chest game, you very clever get came on making believe you agreed with me to disagree with me, it's a very smart ploy but the fact Checkers are basically all Democrat operative you know that but the it breaks down to, how many people of died as a result of Donald Trump slice a number number two how many buildings in America have the name Clinton on them of than the Clinton library.