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Listen: "Prediction of the Carolina Panthers blowout in the Super Bowl"

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Ezra Shaw
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<silence> <silence> <silence> for now American generation here with ease six minutes now Petchey our wow what a weekend won a game what a career potentially from Peyton Manning and it just so much on the and there's so much to look forward to over the course of this week Lionetti along for this our the broadcast we're going to head into or music Monday segment and just a couple of minutes but have to step up right here at the beginning and say I was wrong and in the should Cheechoo if anything it issued teach you if there's a reason why our sport's handicapper Brandon Lang is our sport's handicapper on this program and I am not because his after last week's prediction of the Carolina Panthers blowout in the Super Bowl we're going to go back to the days of the early nineties when their old blowouts and terrible games in and that Caroline is going to walk away with this one and paid manager to fall apart a big game again and it's just going to be ugly internationally what happened Brandon Lang came in and said 'No no not only is this one are going to be a Denver when the in this spread this was going to be a Denver win out right it's going to be a low-scoring game so the plays Denver any under that's one of us knows what he's talking about the other when is in me show that way to go Brendan laying and way to go Denver Broncos terrific win and that defense and that old adage defense wins championships there's a reason why that became an old adage they were absolutely incredible aside from the fact that I keep delayed really needs to get himself under control but that's not a new story they played amazing amazing football and the entire defensive line did I mean no real mystery that the envy P Award in the Super Bowl went to want to Denver's defensive lineman but all of all four of the down line and played absolutely amazing ball and kept Cam Newton under control for most of the game and won the game I mean there's no question about that they won the game for the Denver Broncos so congratulations again Denver congratulations Payton Is this going to be it for him maybe he's really the only one that knows and of course the one thing that we could have predicted before the game issue that if Denver wins in the interview Peyton after the game they're going to be more product placement drops thing you could shake a shtick at I let I'm going to go my way for the Habs and Budweiser she I don't suppose they paid for that since he ascended to you know dented Peyton Manning gave Moore props to Budweiser after the game that unit you know he repeated himself more times after the Super Bowl and Marco Rubio did during the entire Republican debate was pretty crazy a blue line that hey it always there.