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Listen: Retiree even if you're still alive are reached can receive benefits until they reached

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Pablo Blazquez Dominguez
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Retiree even if you're still alive are reached can receive benefits until they reached basically tumor 19 years old depending on their educational circumstance so there's another one that never made any contributions and he can write it's that benefit right then you have these survivor benefits so for many when you do the math and there there's a lot of money is going out and these accounts depending on her circumstance not just them out coming to you but it's all together also and there's a disability benefits from source security also better paid out of that a big thing that of becoming California the disability numbers are going right through the roof as in that well there's always been then and certainly a and I think some states more so but a sentence of federal program but a little different we have disability issues in the state of California there certainly different in the so security benefit issues on the team California people syndicate more disabled have higher claims I guess right but yes a so security contributions are significant but first some people they look at Best Buy while that's a lot of money and cutting edge how much is going out obviously when you look at you're statements now they talk about their calculations based on their counting office were gonna it won't be taking a less money as paying out by I think it's nineteen are twenty thirty two right now friend you know there's been talk about private station of sources Carrie where we can take this money put into the stock market had people done that over the thirty years there have ten times much money whatever the number is is that correct that that well I mean I think a gift Europe oyur as and poised so you have fifteen thousand dollars a year yeah that would be they'll that certainly is a a whole different topic of looking at who would it be all the benefits eyes I mention there are so many other benefits I would say no I think the government by virtue affected their paying out more money is gonna be subjects a that challenge the benefits are very generous to the many people better in these circumstances vote the one that I find most uprising is the benefits to a minor children ever Terry versus a survivor benefit which I think more let's talk a little bit about taxes in some cases so security benefits can be tax awareness that men how can one reduce at taxation on Social Security benefits while the so skinny benefits at the maximum sulfur many people they have earned income it will be tax that eighty five percent of the benefit so you gonna go one way and say fifty percent you're still security benefit will always be tax-free and and and Jennifer many people there so security benefit will be taxed to some degree based on their all be taxable income that they have that said oh yeah eighty five percent of that benefit is gonna be taxable it hasn't been tax before it is they retirement benefit there are many states that do not Texas host really benefit in their state and so there's a very attractive heard retirees look at that California has not one of them I'm come sure that.