Radio Hosts Clash Over Bathroom Bill And Transgender Rights

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Sara D. Davis
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forty-one percent of Transgender people tried to mix it was set at some point in their lives the general public greatest Bull Zajac's and also writes I you're talking about a problema numb to it but I'm talking about ten nine there's a problem tied with that throughout their lives they felt, ask your size may feel like they don't belong in anywhere and they just want to use about them Bryant everybody instead of somewhat so why does he was on the way to sound is this all right we've so I guess we establish it's not a sore right it's simply a circumstantial issue but it is early certain people with certain diseases disorders whatever, that might require the rest of the world to change what they do should one million people change this thing that has been a standard part of American life the last hundred years in order that three people can have their right, that's what the Kardashian what it's more than three behind the same but that's what impossible but also, the last point but what's a kind of point in terms of a percentage well that's what you need to have a conversation before I don't know the answer when I do not was not the answer, is having a bunch of, strides on the last running around pretending that this is a civil rights argument because that left is built on permanent civil rights what about what about the right saying that this is it, Gates issue, but why isn't in a city issue which it wasn't Charlotte it would be in Raleigh North Carolina Bryant, discrimination Oregon's that wasn't slowly about, price North Carolina Legislature introduced in override of that an eight, but the spot Durham ended in a putback is always send the point of that so that because a lot of the time, working so it's a provides a wedge issue for the right to be everything's arrives because what is what they do is you know for a long time the team and I skate people saying You know though convert your children Nomo last year kids and now they can't say that about days so much anymore because a lot of people are out everyone knows a gay person so now you move on to the next group that you wanna marginalizing